Glimpse of India- Where India Lagged

Where India Lagged

India is a beautiful land of diversity. Our glorious past speaks of the greatness of the people who lived here. The country is rich in minerals, fertile soil and human resources. India gave many renowned scholars who did commendable work in arts, science and technology. Craftsmen, artisans from India are famous all over the world. What happened that our country stopped progressing in some fields. It was India where technology and innovation were first observed. Why in the last few hundred years did India begin to lose its capability to invent? Happiness quotient of India is among the last few countries(!). Records show that the country is progressing but the poor people are becoming poorer and the rich are getting richer. Aren’t you worried?
Let’s search for the reasons because of which India is lagging behind.

🌼 Government is creating opportunities for the young people of India yet there’s desperation if we compare ourselves with the other countries of the world. Are the efforts not in the right direction? Check out the probable reasons.

🐞 India is not spending enough on the education of primary and secondary students.

🐞 India’s investment in research work is quite poor. In research opportunities, India is worse than South Africa and Brazil.

🐞 Indian universities have become business hubs. They charge and teach minimal, giving zero importance to research.

🐞 Only a few institutions like IISc, DRDO, ISRO and a few IITs contribute to research but overall the reputation in India is poor as long as the research is concerned.

🐞Startup idea, ‘Make in India’ is not going to be a success in the long run because of limited resources. If India wants to go far in research, it should invest in higher education.

🌼India’s Happiness Quotient landed at 118 (in 2016), 122 (in 2017), 133 (In 2018) and 140 (In 2019) among 157 countries. You will be surprised to know that India lagged behind Pakistan, Somalia, China and Bangladesh. Reasons? Let’s study the vital parameters for calculating Happiness Quotient:

🐞 GDP per capita in terms of purchasing power scored very bad in India. One-fourth of India’s population is below the poverty line and we couldn’t expect this parameter to work better.

🐞 Healthy years of life expectancy- Basic medical support is not available to the majority of Indians and we failed on this parameter too.

🐞Social support ( Having someone to count on in times of trouble)- Though India has a strong family system, it lags in social support. How many people speak up when something wrong happens to them? Women safety is also questionable in India.

🐞 Trust ( Absence of corruption in government and business)
In India, there’s a lack of trust in government. In addition, deep-rooted corruption creates a huge difference between the common man and officials. No points gained here.

🐞 Perception of personal liberties- India is a free country but its citizens’ perception of freedom has limited boundaries. Indians are afraid to speak, write, move or even share their opinion in public.

🐞 Generosity ( Recent Donations!)-
Indians do believe in donating but they are not very generous. Many people can definitely donate a part of their income for the welfare of the poor but looking at the huge number of poor people, they back out.

There are many other theories but I’ve listed what stirred me the most.
In my opinion, India should adopt the ‘Gross National Happiness‘ philosophy like our neighbouring country Bhutan. Keep your people happy, everything else will just follow. Please share your views in the comment box below.

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24 thoughts on “Glimpse of India- Where India Lagged”

  1. Completely agree with you. As long as we don’t invest in research and let our focus shift on just output rather than why and how, we shall have a satisfaction index so low. I am optimistic thqt with the right change of mind in our youth we can achieve success because we do had and have the mindset and tenacity to achieve Pinnacle of success (which is satisfaction)

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  2. The biggest problem of our country is that the money they should be utilized in Education and Healthcare gets used up by politicians for their vested interests. I really liked the sharp analytical aspect of your post.

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  3. Interesting stats. I feel govt spending should be more for elementary schools and studies rather than higher ones. Govt should also be held responsible for any students below the age of 18 or not attending schools. But hey, this land is so democratic that nothing can be forced!

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  4. Looking at the title, I was intrigued to read the post. Well explained however I would like to add one more point where India is lagging – which is a strong and robust judicial system.

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  5. Very much logical points, agree with each one, Politics playing a vital role in the drawback, on the other hand , we the Individuals are not aware about what we really have(had), “Imitating” is common to be found among Indians.

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