Glimpse of India- Where India Lagged

Where India Lagged India is a beautiful land of diversity. Our glorious past speaks of the greatness of the people who lived here. The country is rich in minerals, fertile soil and human resources. India gave many renowned scholars who did commendable work in arts, science and technology. Craftsmen, artisans from India are famous all… Continue reading Glimpse of India- Where India Lagged


It Is Happiness that Matters In The End

It Is Happiness that Matters In The End We see people around us running to chase their goals. These goals are different for different people. A person is busily hoarding money while the other is focused on knowledge. Art is the passion of some while science and technology fascinate many. As living, breathing human beings… Continue reading It Is Happiness that Matters In The End

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What’s your Happiness Quotient?

What's your Happiness Quotient? It was shocking to find India amongst the unhappiest countries of the world. Out of 156 countries ranked on the happiness scale, India stood at embarrassing 133. Yes, I'm talking about the latest World Happiness Report by UN. They have Pakistan at 75, China 86, Nepal 101 and Bangladesh at 115!… Continue reading What’s your Happiness Quotient?