It Is Happiness that Matters In The End

It Is Happiness that Matters In The End

We see people around us running to chase their goals. These goals are different for different people. A person is busily hoarding money while the other is focused on knowledge. Art is the passion of some while science and technology fascinate many.

As living, breathing human beings we learn and work primarily for food and shelter. Creativity unleashes the inner desire for beauty. Evolution of humans is escalated by this creativity and we cannot ignore its importance. We all have some passion to lead life enthusiastically. If not, life would have been monotonous. The wonderful life we are blessed with loses its worth without a passion. Work-Eat-Sleep, the routine is the same for all of us. Why is it that some people wake-up fresh and fulfil their duties happily. Many others find it difficult to do their routine job properly.

Define your happiness

Our lives depend on how we define happiness. It is human to seek things that are beyond reach. In the process, we fail to recognise the awesomeness of things we possess. And here lies the irony of life. You gather things and lose the affinity towards them, only to begin a new struggle to acquire more. Your life is moving around the things you consider important and so is your happiness. To some extent, I believe, we can define our happiness by making the right choices in life.

Everything is done for happiness

Once you define your goal, it’s not optional to work towards its realisation; if you are the seeker of happiness. Making balanced goals and giving them the best of you can assure a joyful living.
Happiness is in the possession of those who define their passion perfectly and manage focus to achieve their goals.

Be Happy, Let Others Be Happy

Believe me or not, happiness is contagious. Staying happy not only boosts your mood but increases the ability to work/play to a great extent. You pass this happiness to the people around you. They have related research also if you are like me to rely on figures!

“An unhappy connection increases the chances of being unhappy by about 7 percent on average, while a happy connection increases the chances of being happy by about 9 percent.”

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What’s your Happiness Quotient?

What’s your Happiness Quotient?

It was shocking to find India amongst the unhappiest countries of the world. Out of 156 countries ranked on the happiness scale, India stood at embarrassing 133. Yes, I’m talking about the latest World Happiness Report by UN. They have Pakistan at 75, China 86, Nepal 101 and Bangladesh at 115! After many years of calculating GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we’re now more interested in finding GNH (Gross National Happiness) which is a better, holistic approach to measure development. Finland is the happiest country and Burundi is the unhappiest one! Curious to know about the factors to calculate GNH? Here these are-

🌸Sustainable, equitable, and socio-economic development

🌸Environmental conservation

🌸Preservation and promotion of culture

🌸Good governance

What does this mean?
India loses out on the above factors.

There’s no dearth of talent, income is rising as never before, opportunities are plenty and freedom has more dimensions.
Indians are the among the embarrassing unhappiest!
Here I put my point of view.

🍁Indians don’t love their country. (Correct me if I’m wrong!)

Honestly, I feel that Indians lack sincerity towards their country. They want a good education, job opportunities, amenities, freedom and above all the Democratic government to abuse when their wishes are not fulfilled.

But they don’t want to give back to their country. They deface public places, create nuisance whenever they get an opportunity to, criticise the government for not providing them smallest of things and fantasy to move to the developed country for a ‘better living’

🍁Indians don’t value their Culture

Indian culture has been the oldest and the wisest of all cultures. It is nurturing cultures all over the world. What an irony that Indians don’t give due respect to their own culture. The departure from cultural roots is a matter of concern.

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🍁 We don’t recognise the real Happiness

What is happiness? With continuous development, the perception of happiness has changed drastically. Materialistic things find their way to our heart while human relations take a backseat.

Being an Indian, I’m not happy with the unhappy rank of India.

Let’s go back and discover happiness from the ruins of our glorious past.

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