Games to keep Children Physically Active

(Children are not to be blamed, seniors set an example by spending their valuable time online connected to the illusory culture. Let's go to the golden past to bring back popular games of that period) We live in an era where technological excellence is rated above human intelligence. We are blindfolded by the magic of… Continue reading Games to keep Children Physically Active


Organic foods – Important facts to know

Guest Post In the late ’60s and ’70s, India was faced with a need to multiply its agricultural produce to sustain a rapidly growing population. The Green Revolution was the answer to India’s problems. The country started reaping rewards and the agricultural yield increased manifold. 🍃 Use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, despite yielding… Continue reading Organic foods – Important facts to know


Take Off Your Travel Dreams With Brizo

(God made us inquisitive and we coined the term, travel agency)  I was wondering if travel has something to do with health and well-being. People who travel often seem to be happier than those who don't/can't travel. There has to be a connection between the two. Let's discover:) Humans are curious by nature. We crave… Continue reading Take Off Your Travel Dreams With Brizo


Best Air Purifiers in India

Air pollution in India is breaking records and we are running out of clean air. Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) cities are among the most polluted cities in the world. The records show that about 10,000 people a year may die prematurely in Delhi due to air pollution. If Delhi follows the air-quality standards… Continue reading Best Air Purifiers in India


Mind your Body Mass Index- Highly Recommended!

My BMI rose to the overweight range (ouch!) taking my anxiety level to a newer height. I used to feel proud of my perfectly maintained weight but the recent BMI challenge put me in crisis. It was time to control my eating habits and regulate the exercise routine. 'Body Mass Index' also known as 'BMI'… Continue reading Mind your Body Mass Index- Highly Recommended!

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Parent and Child- Changing Equations

Parent and Child- Changing Equations Gone are the days when children followed instructions of the parents to flaunt the badge of "obedient". Those were the days when the 'word of parent' was the ultimate. Only parents had the right to give direction to children's lives. And the little fellows could only groan in case of… Continue reading Parent and Child- Changing Equations