ZEE5 Brings Best Animal Movies for Kids

If you are a mother of young children, keeping them busy at home must be quite a challenge for you. Bright minds and hyperactive, kids today can’t be confined to limited space. You need to be ready with some incentives to get your purpose solved. OTT mediums are your big bet if you know how to exploit them. Lately, ZEE5 is topping the charts with great content suitable for every age including some Best Animal Movies for Kids. Good news for parents out there!

We know that kids are amused by watching animals. They would gaze at creatures for hours without showing any sign of boredom. TV shows, movies and cartoons with animal characters hold a special place in a kid’s life. As a parent, you should shortlist some good animal shows for kids to watch. ZEE5 Kids is a separate section for kids on ZEE5 platform that cares about their animal world fascination.

ZEE5 Movies for Kids
Image Courtesy: ZEE5.COM

ZEE5 kids has an amazing collection of best Animal Movies for Kids. These Animal Movies never fail to capture kid’s attention that usually wanders in multiple worlds. Moreover, these movies are very entertaining and promise equal involvement of the grown-ups.

I’ve listed a few of my favourite ones.

* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

An American martial arts superhero comedy movie, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is based on the adventures of four fictional teenaged human-like (anthropomorphic) turtles. They are trained in Japanese warfare by an anthropomorphic rat. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles emerge from shadows to protect New York City from criminal ninjas.

A must watch for kids!

* Zoo Wars

Inspired by ‘Star Wars’, the movie revolves a regular city elephant, Nuke who is trapped in a boring desk job though he wants to explore space in his lifetime. When an evil mouse tries to destroy the ‘Zooverse’, Nuke joins forces with a fearless space squirrel, Squeeze Whistle. They set on a mission to rescue a princess and the Zooverse from the evil rodent.

An interesting movie based on Star Wars!

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* Felix

Felix spends summer holidays with his friend Sophie and her family and saves them from Giant Troll. He somehow gets lost and has to find his way home all by himself. The movie is about Felix’s travel adventures around the world. Another USP is Felix’s meeting with a number of mystical characters like friendly Loch Ness Monster, shy Himalayan Yeti, Nemo and the Crew of Nautilus and descendants of Count Dracula in Transylvania!!

Do watch to see what happens in the end:)

* Penguin Rescue

Intergalactic space explorers Nick and Sammy are assigned their first mission to travel to a distant planet Earth to save a little penguin stranded on a collapsing ice-shelf. On their way to the Earth, they learn many new things about Arctic and its inhabitants. Nick and Sammy have to race against time to make it to the Arctic and save the Penguins.

Little kids will enjoy watching Penguin Rescue:)

This is a small trailer of kids’ favourite Animal Movies on ZEE5. Check out the channel to find the hidden treasure for your kids.

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