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 Like  many of you, I have a habit of collecting handicraft items from various parts of the world. For the fulfilment of this interest of mine, I visit crowded markets to the narrow streets. Even after obtaining the handicrafts with difficulty, there’s still a doubt about the authenticity of the products. Recently I came across ‘ExclusiveLane‘, the one-stop online store for authentic Handcraft and Home Decor. The exclusivity lies in the origin and the selection of products. The passionate team of ExclusiveLane travels to various parts of the country to meet talented artisans and designers. After many rounds of fruitful discussions, selected items are added to the catalogue of the online store. I thoroughly enjoy scrolling through the website and shortlisting the handicrafts. 

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1. Story Behind ExclusiveLane

Spellbound after visiting the website, I was curious to know about the inception of this amazing set-up. Believe me, the story of the development of the portal is quite impressive. Two ambitious cousins, Dhruv & Kaushal Goyal ventured into the online selling of handicrafts in the year 2012. The entrepreneurship idea was unique in the sense that it directly connected the artisans to the sellers without any involvement of the middlemen. To attract customers and vendors, the team ‘ExclusiveLane’ promised to deliver quality products and the commitment was done to themselves. They ensure that the quality of their items is not compromised in any situation. The result is clearly visible in the eye-catching creations and an increasing number of shoppers.

2. Variety is the Spice

     Visit ‘ExclusiveLane’ and you’ll be served with a majestic range of handicrafts arranged in a thoughtful manner. There’s a variety of hand made products carefully selected from different parts of the country. The classification, as well as the quality of the articles chosen, impressed me. The products are categorised as ‘Home Decor’, ‘Kitchen and Dining’, ‘Lighting ‘, ‘Garden’, ‘Jewellery’ and ‘Art Forms’. ExclusiveLane provides the best of hand made products at affordable prices.
Psss- I’m tempted to possess all those splendours but have to restrict my intentions;)


3. My Favourite Stuff on ExclusiveLane

    It would be an injustice to the hundreds of other amazing handicrafts on ExclusiveLane if I highlight a few of my choice. Even you’ll find it difficult to shortlist limited items from the shopping site. Nevertheless, you must check out these wonderful collections featured in the shopping store.

🌺 Mughal-e-Zahra

The collection is inspired by the magnificent, ancient Mughal culture and art. Artisans use red ceramics and tints of white, blue and black to give precise tinges to the handicrafts.



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🌺 Amalgamation of Amber and Teal

This collection is inspired by the rich heritage of the Roman Empire. They say it is a tribute to the lost city of Pompeii. A vast range of home products is handcrafted in ceramic and hand-glazed in Amber. You’ll love the ancient touch given to the products.



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🌺 Unique Wall Hangings

The Wall Hangings exhibited on ExclusiveLane need a special mention. The beautiful handmade creations exhibit the inner talent of the artisans specific to their native land. They use terracotta, wood, cloth, jute and many other things to give shape to their imagination.



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 Gosh! There are so many wonderful hand-made articles on ExclusiveLane that I will continue to elaborate without a halt. The wiser option is to leave the discussion here and let you discover the magic yourself:)  

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  1. I am a passionate collector of handicraft items. Every room in my house boasts of some exclusive collectible. Though there is enough with me, my eyes always pop out whenever I see the handicraft items. EXclusive Lanes seems to be an interesting option for my pet peeve!
    Thanks for sharing Aditi.
    – A new story ‘A Sequestered Thorn’ awaits at

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