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(God made us inquisitive and we coined the term, travel agency) 

I was wondering if travel has something to do with health and well-being. People who travel often seem to be happier than those who don’t/can’t travel. There has to be a connection between the two. Let’s discover:)

Humans are curious by nature. We crave to explore and indulge to acquire new experiences. Travelling gives a chance to recharge our seeking minds and I admit that we plan our travels more than we actually travel. It is sad but not all travel plans get materialised. There are justifications lying underneath several unfulfilled travel dreams.

I know that most of the time, the planning comes to a halt when we don’t find a reasonable travel plan satisfying our wishes as well as our pockets. You know, they have a solution to this problem too! 

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I would like to draw your attention to the fact that travelling improves health. Yes, it is true that the overall physical and mental health improves for the person who travels. I’ve compiled a few points to strengthen my viewpoint. 

Travel completes us.


7 Reasons why travelling is good for your health

1) A study shows that travelling actually increases the chances of living longer. A study showed that the people who take fewer vacations are more likely to suffer from stress-related ailments and die earlier than who take more than three weeks of vacation every year.
What are you thinking guys? Plan your much-delayed vacation now!:)

2) We know that walking is the best exercise. Travelling requires a lot of walking while surfing exciting new places.  As you can see,  the connection to health can be easily found:)
Travel, explore, walk and stay fit!

3) While travelling, we are exposed to different types of environments that helps in boosting the immune system. Moving from one place to another means exposing the body to various types of bacteria. The body, in turn, learns to fight and survive in numerous ways.

4) Stress level is low in people who travel and chill. We don’t need to find research records. It’s a matter of basic understanding that an activity like travelling relaxes the nerves to lower stress levels. This is another advantage of travelling that emphasizes its importance.

5) Brain health boosts with travelling. When we travel, we meet people from different regions and cultures. It makes us more open and accepting. As a result, our awareness, creativity and mental growth improve. 

6) Research says that travelling decreases the risk of heart attacks! Yes, it is very much true. To travel, one takes a leave from the regular work that relieves him of everyday stress and anxiety.  The chances of developing heart disease are also reduced!

7)  Travellers are a happy clan. They are free from the pressure of mundane work. They explore new places and try to get accustomed to the culture of the specific locales. Acquiring knowledge while wandering in a foreign area brings a sense of achievement. Happiness prevails.

🐞We need to rediscover health through travelling. It is ‘Happiness that matters in the end’ and travel is one of the proven means to achieve it.
🐞 Revive your travel plans and pack bags for a distant destination. Explore and experience romantic getaways.


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My Bollywood Inspired Bucket-List

My Bollywood Inspired Bucket-List

My affair with Bollywood dates back to the day I landed on planet Earth. Bollywood songs sneaked into my mom’s lullabies from the corners of The Record Player, my father’s inseparable companion. As I opened my eyes to explore the world, larger than life Bollywood movies miraculously tampered with my thoughts. Growing up with Bollywood was like a dream I didn’t want to be woken from.

Travelling the world with an open mind has always been my dream. The dream got wings when Lufthansa asked to share Blind Date with the world. How could my fetish with Bollywood stay away from my travel list? First of all, what is Blind Date with the world?
“Travelling to a place I’ve never been to yet has a strong possession in my mind. A place I know nothing about but would love to visit without hesitation.”
Lufthansa got me thinking and the best I could create was the Bollywood inspired bucket list.

Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone starrer Tamasha was shot in Corsica. I wish to visit a place that has a scenic coastline and adventurous hiking trails like this Mediterranean island.
A dream destination for sure. 😍

My travel dreams are hacked by Spain’s beautiful road trips and breathtaking sea-diving. Thanks to the crazy trip of the protagonists in ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’. Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar and Abhay Deol have moments of their lifetimes as the story unfolds.

My blind date with the world must have adventure and excitement like showcased in this movie.

I’m literally crazy to go on a ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ trip with friends. Boys in the movie get perfect clicks at mysterious Chapora Fort in Goa. I want to explore nature’s hidden gems through my blind date with the world. Mystery adds enthusiasm to the travel vibes.

Ah! The never-ending bucket list gave a beautiful shape to my date with the world. I want more of everything from explorations. With dreams in my eyes, I’m waiting for a call saying,” Ja Simran Ja, jee le apni Zindagi;)”

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Packing bags for my next adventure,
I stumbled upon a thought..
Why am I intensely fascinated with the world?

A smile came and broadened
As thoughts rippled through.
Interpreting my affinity for adventure.

Wanderlust me..

Answering “Why do I love the world?”

Travelling made me a complete person. An overhaul from a shy, timid girl to a confident woman who is curious to explore varieties spread across the world!

A gradual yet consistent change that brought me closer to myself and the world.

1) Getting out of Comfort Zone

Happy in my comfort zone, I was reluctant to move an inch here or there. You won’t believe, I used to be a couch potato with few friends. And strangely, I didn’t wish to come out of my eat-sleep-repeat mode. Till one day my cousins ‘packed’ me along with other things for their trip….well literally packed 😂
The trip initiated a pleasant change in my life.

I began to realize that there’s a life beyond what I could visualize in my comfort zone. This world is full of many undiscovered paths that need to be explored.

2) Carving an Inquisitive me

The journey from a ‘Couch Potato’ to an ‘Explorer’ was terrific!
Once tasted the flavour of travel, I became curious to explore more to know more.
About the limitless landscapes, the dodging hills, the amusing valleys, the colourful people, the sumptuous foods, the beautiful Flora and fauna, the majestic architecture….there was so much to do. My fascination with the world had just begun.

3) Meeting distinctively Interesting People

Over the years I’ve developed a habit of meeting new people and absorbing their culture.
By grabbing the opportunity that travelling is, I find many instances of sharing regional vibes with people across the world. And for me, this is the best incentive.

4) Tasting food from around the world

Travelling is a bliss for a foodie like me. I get to taste variety of deliciously tempting delicacies. I’m not very fussy about food but real good food is what I always crave for. By travelling to near and far places, my taste buds are pampered;)

This encourages me to pack my bags for the next travel.

5) Exploring beauty of diverse landscapes

Confined to the four walls of my home, I was unaware of nature’s beautiful spread.

Travel made me alive.
I’ve been to hills to plateaus to plains and every journey brings me closer to nature.
I find a deep connection between humans and nature. There’s a need to spend sufficient time in the lap of Mother Nature to understand the depth.

6) Procuring a Confident me

Last but not the least, travelling has the biggest contribution in building up confidence in me. Be it exploring unknown places or interacting with strangers, there’s a visible change!

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