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Parent and Child- Changing Equations

Parent and Child- Changing Equations Gone are the days when children followed instructions of the parents to flaunt the badge of "obedient". Those were the days when the 'word of parent' was the ultimate. Only parents had the right to give direction to children's lives. And the little fellows could only groan in case of… Continue reading Parent and Child- Changing Equations

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Morning Jog- My Way!

With my running shoes on and mobile phone off, I'm set for a morning jog. Favourable weather with cool breeze is surely some inspiration. But the most inspiring are the sharp gazes and the wagging tongues of 'conspiring women' in my area. I'm not very fat, nor very lean. Have a tendency to put on… Continue reading Morning Jog- My Way!


Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud.. 

Fear to open your petals O'dainty bud In this cruel world of terror Guns don't spare roses Dreams are always shattered. Leave not the secure shield of earth, O' slender sapling Lie unaware in her lap Rough are the terrains,you wish to explore. Beware as you peep outta shell O'whitey pearl Hopes are met with… Continue reading Fear to open your petals O’dainty bud..