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Morning Jog- My Way!

With my running shoes on and mobile phone off, I’m set for a morning jog. Favourable weather with cool breeze is surely some inspiration. But the most inspiring are the sharp gazes and the wagging tongues of ‘conspiring women’ in my area. I’m not very fat, nor very lean. Have a tendency to put on when irresistible indulgences take control over me.


As a responsible grown up member of my family, it’s my duty to keep my weight under control and fitness under scan. The over-indulgences, the cynical freedom to eat-whatever-you-want-to are not meant for me. Well.. at least it looks good in writing;)

“There are many, many like me” – I give assurance to myself.

Coming back to the Jog.

After witnessing quite many cases of transformation I persuaded myself to take to jogging. An additional incentive is to give myself a valid excuse to enjoy second helping when the food is exotic;)

Only fourth day to The Jog and my partner-in-jog is nowhere to be seen!
This is what I call betrayal!!
When she and I decided to start The Jog, we signed the “agreement” that if any of us is not coming for The Jog, she should inform the other person in advance.. I called her. And realized that she’s not up yet. I should better continue with the ritual, I started off.
Happy Feet.

Cool breeze and favourable weather. My feet and especially the mind are getting the necessary fuel to continue the rather painful session. I’m keeping myself motivated with thoughts of miraculous transformations. And the sumptuous foods with ‘allowed’ label once I dodge the weight limit.

social media

Are you doing your Whatsapp right? ✔️

Little did I know,

When I downloaded the WhatsApp,

More than casual chat,

It is a virtual trap.

I started off sending messages,

Dedicated from tip to toe,

Never knew it would trigger,

Only my personal woes!

Weird it is to read,

Every message and reply,

When I enter groups,

Whom I think my thoughts ‘comply’.

They blindly forward messages,

They themselves haven’t read!

Believe me it is the same ‘Sharing is caring’,

My parents always said.

At times I get the message,

Blackmailing me to forward to twenty of my contacts,

Else I’d have to face wrath of the ultimate one!

How could they expect a Whatsapp newbie,

To have twenty Whatsapp contacts first of all?

Icing on the cake was still to come,

When I got to know the other guy,

Could check the moment



I have this disorder to read your mind.

I have this disorder to read your mind,

And to you, it’s not very kind.

Quickly analyses what you keep from me,

To your lies, it doesn’t turn blind,

Your painstaking efforts to hide the truth,

Your calculated gestures or courteous rewinds,

Everything is exposed when sixth sense comes to grind,

I have this disorder to read your mind.


The art of being Kapil Sharma 

TV watching is not my hobby. News; I catch on social media. Entertainment; they’ve plenty of platforms to keep us entertained. Moreover, I don’t have much patience to watch elaborated TV serials. 

Yet I’m magnetically attracted towards  KAPIL SHARMA SHOW! Kapil, the lead, takes his audience on a hilarious merry go round! 


Exhausted from day’s work,  I  need some sort of healthy relaxation that’s not a burden on my nerves. And Kapil’s show truly flatters my laughter buds;) 


I owe you Kapil Sharma for all laughter nights when I forget my worries & get prepared for another challenging day! Of course, with a broad smile on my face! Courtesy Kapil aka Bittu Sharma😂