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We Only Live Once – Let’s Do It Right

We Only Live Once!

We are aware of the only constraint of life. Life is awarded but only once to all living beings. It is a beautiful gift but most of us let it pass without accomplishing certain important goals. Important goals, which are these? The life-goals are supposed to be defined by us to make our lives worth looking back.  The grandeur of life is not absorbed completely if we fail to fulfil these crucial objectives. 

So, what’s the secret of living a perfect life?

It’s All About Time-Management, Honey!

When it comes to living life fully, the importance of time cannot be ignored.
I know I’m very bad at it but sincerely appreciate those who manage their time perfectly. It not only helps them complete the allocated tasks but also gives additional time to pursue their hobbies. Looks easy how some people finish their work well before the deadline and are ready to celebrate the victory, full of energy (yes, it is the most valuable victory).

For me, managing time is emerging as the most effective tool to lead an ideal life. As I continue to study the life patterns of the people around me, I find that the management of time plays a significant role in shaping our lives and achievements.

Try to figure out how to make the most of your stay on Earth!

Time-travel or Travelled by Time – Set your priorities right

Time-travel is the concept we are familiar with, through cinema and storybooks. Not yet accomplished but the continuous extensive studies, since the advent of mankind, strengthens the possibility of time-travel. Hopefully, we will be able to travel forward or backwards in time. I have read ‘The Time Travel’ by H.G.Wells (as everyone who’s reading this) and am pretty excited about the idea.

Well, my concept for time-travel is different for this article. A person who knows how to manage his time can play with it. Well, literally! He can transit smoothly from one age-group to another without showing any signs of jet lag. He ages and he ages gracefully.
Sounds crazy but this is actually true. A person who has mastered the art of controlling time can do much beyond the expectations of the others.

On the other hand, the person who is controlled by time, like many of us, is repeatedly run over by the shocks of time.  He is travelled by time.

We don’t get multiple chances as in video games. Make your only life spectacular!

This blog post is written in response to the prompts given by Pragun and Alpana. I chose to write on two Hindi songs from Bollywood movies. First is:

Aane Wala Pal jane Wala Hai,
Ho sake to ismein Zindagi bita do,
Pal yeh Jo Jane Wala Hai.

( Make the most of your time)

Your precious time on Earth has a limit. Plan, execute and celebrate the outcome. Do it in a way that when the end is near, you happily embrace it without regrets.

The second one is:

Zindagi ke Safar mein guzar jate Hain Jo makam,
Woh phir nahi aate,
Woh phir nahi aate.

(Time that’s gone is gone forever)

Each moment in life is significant. Unfold and unwrap to immerse yourself in the magic.
  “Life is not in the past. Life is not in the future. Life is now.”

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Bollyexpress Bloghop

Sometimes, things that look simple at first glance turn out to be the most complicated. Same is true for this blog challenge. The simple expressions, given in the word prompts hide deep, philosophical meaning in them. I appreciate the blog hop hosts Alpana and PraGun for coming up with such brain-tickling theme:)