Poland Accidentally Invaded The Czech Republic- A Misunderstanding? (Mysteries of 2020)

The year 2020 started with a series of weird episodes. As we are heading towards the end, the hope that the next year will be better is losing the scope. In the second half of May, Polish soldiers ‘accidentally’ crossed the country’s border with the Czech Republic and stopped their people from going to a church. I’m taking my series ‘Mysteries of 2020’ to another level with the incident when Poland invaded the Czech Republic BY MISTAKE. Wow, it’s getting interesting as to how a few soldiers of a country cross the border and stop the citizens of the other country from doing what they want to do in their own country. It all happened by mistake that makes my belief stronger that the year 2020 is full of mysterious events.

Poland Invaded Czech Republic
By Mistake In 2020
Poland Invaded The Czech Republic by Mistake

The incident wouldn’t have been identified as unusual before lockdown because both countries belong to the EU and crossing borders is not a big deal there. Poland had closed its borders for three months to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and the competent soldiers of the country extended their duty to the neighbourhood nation, the Czech Republic. Poland apologized for the ‘mistake’ though it was no less than a blunder.

When Invading Other Country by Troops Is A Minor Mistake, It’s 2020

A spokesperson for the Czech Foreign Ministry confirmed, “Polish soldiers mistakenly deterred our citizens from entering a church on the Czech territory in close vicinity of the Czech-Polish borders.” The soldiers protecting a country must know the boundaries if not anyone else. Sigh, my ideology does not apply here.

The invasion by the Polish military was taken casually, and they were forgiven for not knowing what they were doing. We don’t have such good relations here on the Indo-Pak border.

The Czech officials confirmed that the incident that happened in Pelhřimovy, a small village near the Poland-Czech border was noticed and they immediately informed the Polish diplomats. On the other hand, the Polish foreign ministry rejected the statement that it was officially informed.
They released a statement to clarify the matter, “According to our information, the case was discussed by the authorities responsible for border protection on the Polish and Czech sides. In the spirit of good Polish-Czech relations, we believe that this was only a minor misunderstanding that was quickly cleared up.”

The diplomatic formalities, you see, need to be followed, no matter what!

The whole incident throws light on the truth that humans are prone to mistakes. If there’s no hard feeling behind the action, forgiving behavior can save us from many disasters. The Polish government assured the Czech Republic that it was merely a mistake without any hard feeling. The action of the Polish troops was certainly not deliberate and we like the way things are going on.

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23 thoughts on “Poland Accidentally Invaded The Czech Republic- A Misunderstanding? (Mysteries of 2020)”

  1. Not amazed by this shocking incident typically done in the name of mistake, when the unfavorable incidents are in a row, undoubtedly 2020 will be remembered as a bunch of mistakes/blunders calendar.

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  2. Yes in Europe crossing borders by road is not considered a big issue rather there are buses etc running from one country to another but this accidental invasion czech is news to me.

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