HiPi: Short-Video app to Impress Your Followers With Creative Content

The market is flooded with short video-making apps, and we are spoiled for choice. I’m particular about the short-video app I use to catch the attention of my followers. One of my favourite short video apps is HiPi by ZEE5, which allows us to make trending videos in various languages. HiPi has recently announced its separate app after being a part of the ZEE5 app as a beta version since its launch in 2020. HiPi is a close competitor to the other Indian short-video apps- Roposo, Chingari and Mitron. Sharing some interesting features of the HiPi to accommodate you with the fantastic short video app.

HiPi is the best alternative to TikTok

After TikTok, a void was created in the world of short video apps. Several apps surfaced, and many failed to survive, yet a few have made a place in people’s hearts. HiPi short video app is one of those apps that has been successful in winning our confidence. With trending tracks, glam visuals, exciting stickers and excellent sharing options, HiPi is the finest short video app to replace TikTok.

HiPi short video app
HiPi short video app

Win exciting prizes by making videos on HiPi

This is another feature that makes HiPi different from the other short video apps. You can showcase your talent and win cash prizes by participating in various contests and trends on the HiPi app. For example, a whopping amount of Rs. 9,999/- can be won every week by uploading your video performing the hook step inspired by the weekly theme. Sounds interesting?

You will love the Multilingual feature on HiPi 

Language is no barrier when you are on HiPi. You can watch or make beautiful videos in the language you are comfortable with. HiPi covers more than ten languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam & more. Wow, it means you can record a Garba dance as well as sway to the ‘One Direction’ beats. No wonder HiPi is fast becoming our favourite short video app.

Hipi short video app
HiPi short video app

Easy Social sharing on HiPi

One can access top trending tracks on the HiPi app and make entertaining videos. However, without sharing with family and friends, the hard work of making videos goes in vain. Don’t worry; your videos can be shared on various social media channels through the tabs in the HiPi short video app.

HiPi Short Video app is for everyone

Yes, HiPi welcomes everyone on the platform. Expert performers to budding artists, meme lovers to crazy fans, HiPi has something for all. Age is no bar; qualification is no bar, soak yourself in the mood of the music/meme and create stunning content. And you know what? Most of the HiPi features are free to use. The prizes are additional incentives 😉

HiPi short video app allows us to make entertaining videos with numerous filters, trending songs, funny memes and what not! There’s a lot more to explore once you download the HiPi app 🙂


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