5 Trending Makeup tips for this Winter!

There are lots of things to complain about in the winter. Like, the dry wind, the chilled air and the coldest climate around. However, don’t you think there are dozens more things to love about this season as well? Like, the snow washed streets and pleasurable cool air, the Christmas vibes in the world and the areas decorated because of it, even the unlimited parties and the New Year celebrations plus holidays make it the best time of the year. And with these many parties, come the invitation to night-outs. How can you not wear your make-up and look all the more drooling this winter? We are sure you would love to try the tips given by Priya Singh on Myntra Studio. For everything else, keep reading for the much needed winter make-up tips given below.

Let your eyes do the talking

We understand the winters don’t let you apply more layers on your skin as it is severely dry. So, try the hack of making your eye shadows look more colourful and your eyes enticing. Add a jazz of hues using the vibrant colours in matte and glitter, wing it perfectly using an eye liner and underline them with the same hues below the eyes. Your eyes would be captivating and make you look extraordinary with this makeup.

Makeup tips
Makeup tips

Keep it simple

Want to display a subtle and impressive look? Then opt for the least make up layers using foundation, BB cream, moisturiser and concealer. Use them one by one properly layering on the skin and make the face glow naturally and display a perfect look that suits all occasions and attires.

Metallic, smoky eyes

Metallic and smoky eyes look alluring during the night parties of winter. Touch upon the corners of your eyes using the gloomy and grey shades and create an impression using the thin eyeliner and mascara generously. Keep your kajal at it’s basic level and glam up your cheeks with a bit of nude glitter. The effect would be astounding!

Play with the dark hues of lip colour

Lipsticks are the game changers and the leaders amongst the make-up products. A perfect shade of lipstick can either make you look drooling or simply steal the glam of your entire face. Choose your shade carefully to make your make-up stand out from the rest of the people in the party. Especially, during the winters, you can look cool and composed if you wear a dark hued shade with the right amount of matte or gloss. Make sure you match the shade with your attire so that your perfect make-up look will look totally admirable.

Just the liner and the mascara trick

The fashion influencers like Priya Singh brings a fabulous trick for all of you make-up lovers. She brings the best tutorials to apply an eye liner perfectly along with the right touch of Kohl. With just this touch of black on your eyes, you can create a magnificent party look for the winters.

Want to look fabulous and admirable this winter? Then you definitely can’t ignore these tips given out by Priya Singh and us written out here. Try them and gain all the compliments you can for this perfect look.

(This is a guest post)


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