Here are some ideas to use different types of makeup and glow!

So the other day, I tried this DIY yellow eye makeup, which looked absolutely stunning. I did not expect the yellow eye makeup would look good because of the colour itself. So I was just browsing through YouTube and came across a YT Short that showed this yellow eye makeup. It was not very gaudy—just yellow eyeshadow for the yellow eye makeup and a blend of beige and white. The woman finished the yellow eye makeup with an elongated white eyeliner, which was the point for me to try it out.
After this trial, I also realised that we always stick to basic or nude makeup and never try something new. We always move on to something that is comforting and never try anything offbeat hence, to give a try to the offbeat, this time, I have a list for you to try on different makeup looks. These are no ordinary makeups but fancy ones that you must try atleast once! Let’s dig in!

Makeup to impress
Makeup to impress

1. Graphic eyeliner

This original idea for eye makeup is sure to give your look just the right amount of edge. Experimenting with bold eye looks is made easier with graphic eyeliners. You can play with vivid liners, including reverse liners, open-ended ones, and floating ones. Thanks to these inventive eye makeup look, your outfit will stand out from the rest. For a portrait shoot focusing on your eye makeup works wonders for a portrait shoot because it looks good on camera.
To make the ideal realistic liner for your inventive cosmetics look, prep your eyes with some groundwork and residue it with a naked eyeshadow. Then, utilise a fluid eyeliner to define exact yet striking boundaries.

2. Metallic Eyes

A striking metallic blue is used to create a smokey eye in this modern look. It is the ideal outfit for a night out with friends or an evening out. Depending on your preferences, you can also achieve it with purple or green eyeshadow.

3. Go for Bold lip makeup

A bold lip look can make a big impression in a picture. You can experiment with your lip makeup and let your creative makeup ideas flow. You can achieve an ombre or gradient lip look with your lipstick. If you’re imaginative, you can use your lipsticks to create magical lip art.

Bold eye makeup
Bold eye makeup

4. Go all colourful!

You can use as many coloured eyeshadows as you want for your date night. Make your eyelids pop with various eyeshadows, eyeliners, blushes, and other cosmetics. Experiment with as many colours and makeup products as you like so long as you are happy with your appearance and feel at ease.


5. White Eyeliner

It’s time to switch up your black eyeliner and try something new. We all know how to make our eyes appear larger by applying white eyeliner to our waterline. However, you can now wear a white wing liner rather than a black one. The white adds a natural colour to your eyes, simultaneously giving you an edgy appearance.

Make sure to try these makeup looks, and let us know if it makes you feel a little fancy and makes you glow!

(This is a guest post)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. MeenalSonal says:

    Trying something new is always good and right shade with right anout of eyeliner makes the person standout in the party. Shall consider few tips for next big evening.


  2. Anjali says:

    This is deep post on makeup. I think I will take hours to learn all these. I love a natural look, but will try Graphic eyeliner.


  3. Ruchie says:

    I have seen people using white eyeliner but graphic eyeliner is something new for me. Thanks for sharing these ideas of makeup!!


  4. Ladies Corner says:

    That yellow eye makeup idea seems so refreshing. Something new to try. And the metallic makeup is the best. Love your recommendations. Thanks a lot for sharing.


  5. mahekg says:

    I like applying eyeliner, I have never tried white eyeliner, and I really liked that idea. Will check it out.


  6. I like experimenting with Lip colours but could never gather the courage to flaunt bold eye makeup. though I have seen so many beauty bloggers flaunting so gorgeous eye makeup, watching them gives so much confidence to try


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