Here’s Why My Investment In ThriveCo’s Anti-Grey Hair Prime Serum Was Worth It

Hair is like your invisible crown which you never take off. We all want our hair to always look at its best. Having thick, long, luscious hair was always a dream for me, as I never had very thick, long and vibrant hair. That was something which I had got used to by now. It was as if heaven came down upon me when I began to see grey hairs on the sides of my head. These silver wires on my head have become a cause of concern for me. I didn’t want to colour my hair raven-black, but I wanted to maintain the natural black colour of my hair. I had tried hair serum for women which promised to stop premature greying of hair, but failed to deliver the result. So I did a small research to find out if there are any effective haircare products that can reverse premature grey hair. I came across ThriveCo’s Anti-Grey Hair Prime Serum on social media. It has been advertised as the best hair serum for fighting premature grey hair. What attracted me about this brand is that their haircare products are plant-based, i.e they use botanical extracts, are cruelty-free, and are free from harmful chemicals. I began scrolling through their Instagram feed and pursued their website for more info on their haircare products.

Thrive Co hair serum
Thrive Co hair serum

My review of ThriveCo Hair Prime Serum

After reading through all of the information on ThriveCo’s website and going through many reviews (numbering in the thousands), I finally decided to place an order. I purchased ThriveCo Anti-Aging Hair Prime Serum from Amazon on 1 August 2022.

I started applying ThriveCo’s Anti-Ageing Prime Hair Serum from 2nd August 2022. I have been applying this hair serum both in the morning and at night, before going to bed. I apply the hair serum on the problem areas of my scalp (i.e where the grey hair is more) with the help of the dispenser that is provided along with the bottle. 

This anti-ageing hair serum is lightweight and gets absorbed into the scalp easily. For better absorption, I massage it for a while, this allows the haircare product to penetrate deeper into the scalp easily. I used to diligently apply this hair serum twice a day. After almost using this product for 1 month, I could feel that the texture and appearance of my hair has improved. It has become soft, smooth, and shiny. My scalp also feels well-hydrated and well nourished. My hair fall has also reduced considerably. I can feel the thickness and volume of my hair has improved a bit. My hair has also become dark, but still, I can see a few grey strands on my head. Unlike other hair serums, this haircare product does not have a strong fragrance.

Hair health
Hair health

After using this product for more than 3 months, I can say that this is the best hair serum for anyone who is experiencing premature greying. I am already seeing results after using it twice daily as instructed. The product works as promised. This product has been working well for me. I have been able to cover my grey hair with this serum without having to dye it. My grey hairs have reduced considerably. ThriveCo’s Anti-Ageing Prime Hair Serum is the best way to blacken your hair without side effects.

My conclusion:

So far the results are satisfying, I will continue using this serum for another 2 months to get the desired result. If you are also struggling with premature grey hair, I would suggest using ThriveCo’s Anti-Ageing Hair Prime Serum as I feel this is the hair serum one should go for to fight hair fall and grey hair.


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