Ancient treatment for Pain, Indigestion and Insomnia NOW approved by Science – Cannablithe in demand!

With the rise in the uncommon infections and diseases, medical science is consistently working towards the improvement in the traditional treatment. Common people are alert too. They are ready to experiment with new and old healing therapies to lead a better life. One such kind of treatment involves the use of Cannabidiol or CBD and Cannabis (Marijuana). We can’t say that this is a completely new way of medicine, nor is it a forgotten old method of curing. For years, the use of CBD and cannabis has been restricted due to the fear of misusing its ability to give a high. Recently, India gave a nod to the usage of CBD for medical use. It means that the need is felt to exploit the benefits of these plants by regulating their usage in medicine.

Ayurveda and Cannabis: Ancient Connect

Ayurveda is an ancient healing medical science that aims for a holistic approach to health and well-being. There are many references where cannabis has been used to cure diseases. With human medical knowledge and experience of thousands of years, the cannabis dosage can be regulated and that’s the reason, the government has to regulate usage in the medicine.


Cannabis and ayurveda
Cannabis and ayurveda

CannaBlithe : About the Brand

CannaBlithe is one of the rising brands that works towards exploiting the benefits of plant-based natural therapies to counter the rising number of diseases and lifestyle health problems. They is fast gaining the confidence of many customers by sticking to their honest policies.
1. Uses plant-based alternative medicines that showed proven results in the past.
2. CannaBlithe products are extracted from the best available cannabis plants under licensed and GMP certified facilities.
3. CannaBlithe medicines are helpful in healing and reducing pain to a great extent. Senior citizens find these products very helpful in dealing with the age related suffering.
4. Doctors often recommend steroids and opioids to treat patients. Now, after regulating the usage of CBD and cannabis, it is proved that these plant-based remedies are safer than the steroids and opioids.

How does CannaBlithe Helps in Healing

1. Cures Chronic pain

When used in moderation, medicines extracted from cannabis can cure chronic pain. The patients who are on strong medication, lead miserable lives. Controlled dosages of CBD and cannabis have been helpful in reducing pain to a great extent.

2. Reduces Bowel irregularities

It is observed that the people with inflammatory bowel syndrome get benefitted with the medicines having CBD and other cannabinoids as major component. Moderation is the key and I presume these medicines should be taken under medical supervision.

3. Fights Anxiety and depression

The lifestyle of today brings anxiety and depression as the major side effects. The claim is that CBD oil relaxes nerves and reduces anxiety. Since the government has given a nod to the usage of Cannabis and CBD in medicine, I think it should be given a try. Who knows, CBD and Cannabis may regulate our wellness tomorrow.

Cannablithe medicines, Cannabis in medicine
Cannablithe medicines

In addition to the specially curated range of alternative medicines, the CannaBlithe website also provides consultation with a wide range of experienced Ayurvedic doctors.
There seems to be a new beginning in the world of medicine. The age-old methods of treating common ailments are being reviewed by the experts and we can expect a much awaited revolution in the industry.


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