Today is the last day of my life.

Last day of my life

Today is the last day of my life,
This is what I heard you say, Doctor!

Everything that comes to life,
Has to go anyhow.
A few are worried as
I am scheduled to end now.
But no big deal for many,
And how!!

Looking back at the bygone days,
I was fresh as dew in my childhood plays,
The youth was bright, challenging sight,
Doing herculean jobs was a hobby of mine!
Not many days have passed
Since I topped the game of life,
That the orders came,
To aboard the flight to Divine.

Didn’t expect my last day to come so soon,
Else I might not have kept my work pending for long.
A visit to parents and a dinner with partner,
How much they mean to me, telling my dear ones.

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33 thoughts on “Today is the last day of my life.”

  1. This one perfectly captures the harsh realities of fast urban life. We tend to overlook the little fragments of joy while we sprint ahead in the rat race, trying to make more money, fame, and property. We miss the moments of our kids growing up, parents getting older, the anniversaries, birthdays, vacations…And then on the last day, we repent, lament and wish we could rewind the timelines.

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  2. A verse that is pouring your heart out has to be wonderful Aditi! I could see and feel the emotions in every bit of reminiscing in your verse.
    Simple things that bring pleasures is all one wishes before parting the ways forever. Wish we learn it and imbibe it in our day to day life.

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  3. Small, mundane things can make us happy….But, in this fast paced life, we gradually start running for bigger things and ignore the small moments and our near and dear ones. Thanks for reminding us to take a breather and make good choices…

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