Some (Animals) Are More Equal Than Others

Equality is the most fundamental feature of democracy. Discrimination and unequal opportunities may lead to disharmony and leave a negative impact on the society. Individual interests are hurt and the economy suffers. Here I would like to take you on the journey of ‘Animal Farm’.

Animal Farm’, the novel by George Orwell is the literary reflection of events that led to the Russian Revolution in 1917. The story is set in an animal farm where animals revolted against the farm owner and elected their own leaders to run the farm smoothly.

Seven Commandments of Animalism were adopted:

*Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.

*No animal shall wear clothes.

*No animal shall sleep in a bed.

*No animal shall drink alcohol.

*No animal shall kill any other animal.

*All animals are equal.

The last one being the most important of all. “All animals are equal.”

With time the animal leaders (mostly pigs) started behaving like humans. They wore clothes, carried whips and walked on two legs. The seven commandments got squeezed into single commandment:

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

A satire on “Equality”, the novel tickled my thinking cells. Putting a question mark on the fairness of the society, we see many people in democracy enjoying more privileges than others. Those in power try to exploit weaker sections. Money and other privileges are the authority of those few. Where is equality?

The whole concept of equality is faulty. No two people are alike. With the difference in personalities, surroundings, innate qualities together with position and authority, how can equal rights be assured?

Let us ignore the above factors and consider the right to equality valid.

Right to equality in “The Constitution says that the government shall not deny to any person in India equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws. It means that the laws apply in the same manner to all, regardless of a person’s status. This is called the rule of law.”

It has been 71 years of Independence and we’re still struggling(?) to find what the meaning of ‘Right To Equality’ is. Though working continuously towards achieving the dream of equality, some verdicts are taking long time to get delivered.
Latest in the row-
In India, making sexual preferences was not free till the verdict by Supreme Court on 6th September’ 18.
Some countries gave this privilege to its natives a few years back and many are still struggling to find the credibility of queer human colours. Equality?


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  1. Lancelot (@Lanzomaniac) says:

    Honestly, imagining a cutie pig roaming in 2 legs is not that cute na. Anyway, the line applies for all, some humans are more equal than others. No two people can be alike. EVER!!

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  2. sukrisblog says:

    The very fact that section 377 was approved now after so long years speaks volumes about way we assume equality for oneself and what it is for others. Your post made me go through the wiki to read the novel and know what was it all about. Thanks for that push.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aditi says:

      Thanks for reading.


  3. syncwithdeep says:

    i have read animal farm along with my son. a thought-provoking story it is. no two people are alike. completely agree on this. we will get only if we ask. this applies from a simple thing to rights..

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  4. Varsha Gode says:

    Provoking Post! Well Written and agree to the above statements 🙂
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

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    1. aditi says:

      Glad you liked it:)


  5. Rashmi Regina says:

    On point. Nice post.

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  6. Ritesh Pathak says:

    Truely inspirational… the way it is brought out

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