Earn Money By Drawing Sketches

Are you one of those people who draw sketches in their leisure time? Your talent desperately needs to be discovered to earn fame, name and some easy bucks.
Yes, this offer is for you:)
Peeps at Happyzozo create happy pictures to cherish special moments of life. Whether you are walking in the rain or fighting with your sibling, the moments so created are worth preserving and more importantly, worth sharing. If you know how to draw and can impart emotions to your sketches, you are the most suitable person to join team Happyzozo. Your power to recreate memories will get a platform and you can earn Rs 1000/- to Rs 10,000/- per month. Interesting!
Continue reading to know more.

Earn money by drawing sketches
Earn money by drawing sketches

® Me Without You Images

How To Join Team Happyzozo

A few simple steps can make you the member of team Happyzozo where you can share your happy images and earn.

1) Make your account on Happyzozo by filling a simple online form.

2) Choose from 30 Happyzozo categories and start drawing sketches.

3) Submit your happy pictures for approval.

4) You will be paid Rs15/ per image for the first 100 happy images and Rs30/ per image after that.

5) What are you thinking guys? Sign up today and get paid for your sketches:)

Telling you one more thing. I myself checked the website and now I’m keen to join the team. It would be my dream come true to draw happy pictures and share on the online platform.

PS- Stay tuned for my post on Why happiness is important for the overall health:)

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