Health and Fitness – What is in Human body?

What is in a human body?

What is in Human body?

A human body is like a machine where each organ plays its part. The organs work in sync to enable our body to do everyday functions properly. All of us study the basic structure and functions of various parts of the human body in schools. Let’s have a quick recap:)

• Involving heart, veins, arteries, blood; the CIRCULATORY SYSTEM moves blood, oxygen, carbon dioxide and hormones in our body. An important part of human life network.

• Mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, liver and pancreas are the important organs that form our DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. It helps us to eat food, digest it and remove the waste material from our body. Also an important part of our system.

• Brain and spinal cord form NERVOUS SYSTEM that controls the actions of our organs by sending signals to all the parts of the body. No doubt about its capabilities.

• Trachea diaphragm and lungs perform important respiratory functions and hence control the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM. An essential system for our living.


• The more man understands the structure and working of human body, the more efficient he becomes in dealing with the diseases and disorders.

•We all have read that our body consists of about 60% of water. Yes, two-thirds of our body is water and we can’t imagine living without this fluid. No wonder they ask us to drink plenty of water to stay healthy.

I hope you enjoyed going through your body’s contents. I want to share a big revelation with you. Till 2014, it was assumed that there are 10 times as many microorganisms present in the human body as there are human cells. Recent studies show that:

• 43% of our body is made up of cells, the rest is occupied by microscopic organisms.
•The microscopic organisms include bacteria, viruses and fungi. The concentration of these organisms is more where our body lacks oxygen, like intestines.
•A recent study shows that we are more microbe than human denying the previous theory that microbes outnumber cells in the ratio 10:1.
• There are good as well as bad microorganisms.
• We have tried to overpower these microorganisms but in the process, also harmed the good ones. Many diseases like Tuberculosis and Smallpox have been conquered but there is an increase in the diseases where the body’s immune system attacks healthy cells. Cases of allergy have also increased in the last few decades. Worrisome!
• Most of the human(fed) microbes reside in oxygen-deprived bowels, questioning the cause of diseases like obesity.
• It looks impossible that we carry such a large quantity of microbes without having any effect on our body.

Ha! We’re living in a world where each day begins with new theories and new researches. What people found healthy in the nineteenth-century is unhealthy today because it is proved through a series of experiments. The ‘healthy food’ we are eating today may get banned in future.

The debate on healthy food goes on and we continue to find a safer way to stay fit and strong.


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  1. Jyotirmoy Sarkar says:

    Very interesting read, learnt many new things about our body.

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    1. aditi says:

      Thanks 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. jyoti107 says:

    Very informative and yes interesting too😊


  3. Hints to the Ancient Wisdom. says:

    Haha …I like the conclusion. I guess that is why I like the time tested Ayurvedic guidelines. Though it may not be science, per se, I find the reasoning in it appealing. Seeing human in a bifurcated way is the modern view. Like, in this article, the human body was divided into so many sects, which true. But where are “we” in it? As a whole, as a unit existence. This unity is hard to understand in modern terminology and outlook. No wonder the life span reduced in recent times compared to the past. I think the way we view our life, instead of as a part of organic whole of Mother Earth, as an individual greedy to do anything to satisfy the little tongue, made a huge impact on our illhealth.

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    1. aditi says:

      I liked your thought of considering human body as a whole rather made up of many small units. Each part acts in harmony with the others. If one doesn’t work properly, how can we expect our body to be healthy?
      And the relation of human(or any other living creature) with Earth is similar.
      Thanks for giving another direction to the post.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hints to the Ancient Wisdom. says:

        Glad to share 🙂

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