7 Simple Morning Exercises To Make You Feel Great And Fresh All Day

It has been exceptionally well established that mornings are the ideal time to work out for many. Not only is it a flexible option that allows you a few moments with yourself before diving headfirst into the day’s hectic events, but simple exercises make you feel fresh and give you the energy you need. It makes getting through the day more accessible by keeping up your energy levels to not get tired after small tasks. However, many often find it difficult to shake off the early morning laziness and get right into high-intensity workouts. If you are one of them, the solution is simple! Here are seven-morning simple exercises to keep up your spirits all day:

1. Walking: There is nothing that freshens you up like a morning walk. Better yet, if you can get to the park in the morning and spend time walking there, it is highly beneficial to your body as inhaling fresh oxygen that hasn’t been polluted yet refreshes your organs.

2. Overhead Stretch: This is a type of stretch that stretches all your muscles and releases any trapped tension among them. It’s one of the best and most simple morning exercises as it helps you get rid of any aches you may have due to sleeping in weird positions.

3. Jumping Jacks: This is an exercise that completely energises your entire body by engaging your overall muscles. It helps you strengthen muscles and burn calories effectively and target areas with unnecessary fat like arms, thighs, belly, etc.

4. Squats: Squats are perfect lower body and core strength exercises. They put pressure on your thighs, hamstring and abdominal muscles, kicking them into action and encouraging better functioning. They help tone your leg muscles and are great for your hips.

Simple morning exercises
Simple morning exercises

5. Mountain Climbers: This exercise effectively improves agility, building endurance, keeping up your energy levels, and losing weight. They work out your entire body thoroughly in the time spent practising it, and the benefits are endless.

6. High Knee Taps: This is fast-paced cardio, much like spot jogging, except your knees are supposed to go higher to touch your palms at waist level. High knee taps are helpful to improve coordination, flexibility and heart health.

7. Meditation: A must for good mental health; meditation helps you say goodbye to negative thoughts and welcome positive energy. It calms your mind, keeps frustration and irritation at bay and lowers stress levels, among many more benefits. Regular meditation has been proven to help make you look good and feel good.

If just a few simple exercises every morning give you lifelong benefits and change your lifestyle for the better, why not put in the effort? Push yourself to get healthier every day; take one step at a time with the above mentioned simple exercises. Take guidance from Cult.Live’s Learn To Exercise pack and seek the professional advice of their trained experts. This pack will teach you the most effective ways to achieve your goals, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Start your 14 days free trial and get going!

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  1. pythoroshan says:

    This I am truly bad at… Need to do more in the morning.


  2. Harjeet Kaur says:

    I do one hour of Yoga, pranayam and meditation. Plus one hour of walking. What is jumping jacks? I never heard of it before.


  3. Pr@Gun says:

    Walking, mountain climbing, and meditation are very much part of my routine, staying in mountains is a bliss.


  4. Mountain climbers are my sore point i try to do most daily. You pointed out correctly to the very basic exercises to keep one fit. A very useful post indeed
    Deepika Sharma


  5. Ruchie says:

    I’m definitely going to add these exercises in my daily routine to stay fit and healthy and have a great start of a day.


  6. My Kid did a video on them, did u see that video? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


  7. Navita Bhatia says:

    I try to include almost all of them in my routine daily. Meditation somehow needs a quiet place so not able to do it that often. Great exercises!!


  8. I do all of these dear followed by Suryanamaskars and Pranayaam compulsorily everyday buddy


  9. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    I go for morning walk everyday and indeed it is so refreshing. all other options are also good. will try to add them in my morning routine.


  10. I miss my Zumba and yoga classes..doing it with friends is completely a different feeling. These are some great tips .


  11. Archana says:

    I am the happier one knowing this, as I am following almost every exercise every week. I couldn’t agree more on this if you start your morning with a walk, you feel fresh the whole day.


  12. Varsh says:

    I perform all these exercises although I’m not a morning person. Evening is my workout time. Jumping jacks and squats are excellent for legs.


  13. Your posts have given me a quick push. I’ll definitely try to do all the activities just after waking up to keep myself fresh.


  14. Glad to hear there are some simple ways to feel fit in the morning. I am not much of an exercise person. Wish you had elaborated a bit on the methods for some of them. But this post is good to make a start anyway. Thanks for this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Jumping Jacks are my absolute fav! After kids i am a bit off with the physical activity. Getting together with it now. Hope i would be able to continue


  16. Yay I could spot some do what I already do..will try to incorporate the rest

    Liked by 1 person

  17. I perform all few exercises like walking ,Yoga but not in morning . Somehow i am not a morning person . I will try to include the rest

    Liked by 1 person

  18. This is a very useful post and exercises are a must. Need to be regular at it.


  19. Anjalie Sharma says:

    Simple and doable list of exercises, thank you.


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