How the Word ‘Covid’ Sneaked into My Stories

Covid influence on writers
Covid influence on writers

It is the era of Covid-19, the pandemic that has been transforming our lives since its inception. We hear the word COVID so many times everyday that it has started interfering with the stories of writers. You won’t believe, every time I sit down to write something, the pandemic effect begins to haunt me. Most of our activities are influenced by Covid and the writer’s stories are no exception. Take an example, say writing about travel, eating out, watching the cinema or health and fitness. After 2019, no (non-fiction) writing can be complete without lamenting about the pandemic situation. We have to admit that each territory is controlled by the grim microorganisms known as Covid.

Unwilling to Write is just one side of the problem

All kinds of jobs are affected by the Covid and this is somewhat understandable after one and a half years of fighting Covid. Likewise, authors are finding difficulty in writing. The situation is so miserable that many times we fail to assemble words to prepare a good article. I think the final product should be loved by many, if not by all;)

Writing about Cinema

Last month was about the ‘A to Z’ of blogging challenge and I thought of writing on Bollywood Gossip to distract myself from the Covid factor. I forgot for a short time that the Bollywood cinema industry is one of the most affected industries by the post-pandemic lockdowns. The result was that I had to mention Covid in my Bollywood posts and it failed my purpose to avoid the term ‘Covid’!

Writing about Environment

Environmental issues are taking the biggest chunk of the most important talks of the world. After Covid, that share has been increased multifold. How could the writers stay away from the biggest world crisis? I wrote a few articles on the environment in the past two years and the inclusion of the word “Covid” was somehow necessary;)

Writing about Health and fitness

Covid has completely changed the way we used to look after our health. Regular exercise and nutritious food have become a craze and writing pattern of writers is inclined to meet the requirements of the people. Since visiting gyms was prohibited during lockdowns, home exercises and extra caution while eating started trending. And you know what, writing on Health and exercise during Covid demands the use of the word “Covid”;)

Writing about Shopping

Shopping has suffered a serious setback after Covid. I miss going out periodically to buy necessary and not-so-necessary things because it gives a sense of satisfaction. It is not that we didn’t shop online before Covid but the restrictions make things more alluring;)
There was an article on online shopping where I could not avoid the word ‘Covid’ because of some obvious reasons.

Writing about Travel and Tourism

We all know that the travel and tourism industry has suffered a lot due to the Covid outbreak. Our lives have changed altogether, credit goes to the glorious “Covid” pandemic. Writing on Travel and Tourism today is not possible without referring to the constraint knob, “Covid”. The small, invisible virus is controlling our lives, let’s see how far can it go.

The writers and bloggers will agree with me on this one. Covid is here to stay with the warning that even the write-ups will not be spared.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla.

59 thoughts on “How the Word ‘Covid’ Sneaked into My Stories”

  1. Writing do gives us solace and a treat of happiness and peace. I am glad that you chose to write in this time. More power to your pain dear.

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  2. Covid is here to stay and it has affected all of us in such a way that we will be talking about it for a long time to come. I miss going out shopping too. Your A2Z theme posts were a refreshing read, Aditi.

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  3. Absolutely bang on, Aditi. happy, morose, sad, humorous, reflective, gyani-type – This word is everywhere…. so surreal that whatever we say now is either PC (pre-Covid) or PC (Post Covid) – the latter isn’t n sight yet….Thanks for the perspective again!

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  4. The term Covid as a word or as a pandemic has definitely effected each and every person and every family. You are so right to say that no matter what you are talking about or writing, the term Covid does creep in…

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  5. Bang on! Even when we don’t want to, the terms COVID or Pandemic manage to sneak in. Sometimes I have made a conscious effort to proofread specifically for this and have rewritten those lines! Another thing to lament about this ‘ pandemic’ 🙂

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  6. O Yes, it has shelved all our wishes. I can resonate with your thoughts Aditi; Covid has taken over our life; above all can’t see the other side of sunshine when the whole world would become virus-free.

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  7. All you’ve mentioned is so true…even I too have posts where Covid manages to sneak a guest appearance …it has intertwined itself in our lives and looks like it’s adapting to stay.

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  8. Covid has left an impact on all of us. No conversation is complete these days without the mention of covid and the pandemic. I like how you shared all the posts you have worked on. I will be back to read them.

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  9. Covid has affected every spectrum of life. There is no person or any part of our lives which have not been affected by covid. Not talking or writing about it will not change the fact that covid has changed the way the while world operates.

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  10. Covid has affected every aspect of our lives. And the way we write has definitely been affected by it. There is a certain overload too and we need to balance our writing so as not to overwhelm the readers.

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  11. Thats so relatable I could not agree more with you that Covid would be staying here forever in every aspect…. and its definitely once in a lifetime experience that i wish no other generation sees ever again

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  12. COVID word is unavoidable in writing too and somehow we all will have to revolve the posts around COVID to match our thoughts. One way to stay away from the COVID is by using it as metaphor in stories and poetry, try that.

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