COVID-19: Accident or Weapon (Mysteries of 2020)

Mysteries of 2020

Covid19 Accident or Weapon
COVID-19: Accident or Weapon (Mysteries of 2020)

I clearly remember, the year 2020 started with usual excitement, resolutions and beginning-of-the-year freshness. There were dreams and aspirations bubbling in hearts. Wandering in the fresh air was bliss. Hugs and physical meetings were (still) a standard practice. An unknown, unheard virus disrupted everything we used to perceive as normal. COVID-19, the name by which the deadly virus goes by, is a household identity now. It’s hardly been ten months and the COVID has become the most spoken, the most common word of all times. (exaggeration?)

Theory A) Chinese Virus?

The V-I-R-U-S when broke out triggered all minds to think about its origin. Many guesses started pouring in. One of the major theories was that the Virus has been intentionally spread by China to weaken its rival countries. This theory was favoured on social media by the US and its supporters and most of the other countries had the same opinion. US President Donald Trump also referred to COVID-19 as the ‘Chinese Virus’ (Ouch!) Mr Trump was trolled for being racist but everybody believed that critical evidence of COVID-19 seems to have originated in China. 

Theory B) Virus from the US?!

While the whole world was busy accusing China of the spread of the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, a popular social media platform in China, Weibo was flooded with another view. According to China, COVID-19 was introduced to China by 300+ US Military fellows who had attended ‘Military World Games’ in Wuhan in October 2019.  Though none of those military members was tested positive for the COVID-19, the tussle continued to shake the media platforms for a long period. The theory got dumped soon by the experts. 
An analysis of the virus’s genome indicates that the outbreak wasn’t caused by a strain from a lab and likely came from wild animals instead.

Why Does The Origin of COVID19 matter?

A study shows that a large reservoir of SARS-CoV–like viruses in Horseshoe bats is a time-bomb. SARS outbreak in 2002 was ignored because it disappeared soon. 18 years later, the SARS returned as a deadly respiratory disease, COVID-19.

Note that the theory of the hypothetical man-made origin of SARS-CoV-2 was thoroughly discredited by multiple coronavirus experts!

Whatever is the reason behind COVID-19, the natural outbreak, accidental release or intentional spread, we should realize the need to handle the epidemics in a better manner. Secondly, there’s a dire need to stop playing in the Biolabs to prevent such virus attacks on living beings. 

“I am taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s ‘My Friend Alexa 2020’ campaign.” My blog series is on the ‘Mysteries of 2020’, stay tuned:)

142 thoughts on “COVID-19: Accident or Weapon (Mysteries of 2020)”

  1. This new normal has become so normal that while reading how we started in 2020, I feel alien to the notion of new year resolutions and celebrations. As you said, accident or natural outbreak, we should have been better equipped at managing the situation.

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  2. I can connect with this post so well, as I myself have read so many theories around the spread of this disease. Latest being a virologist who left China to allege later the virus was lab-made. Whatever it may be, but this could lead to Bio-War material for many opportunists.

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  3. I am so glad you wrote this… Whatever the reason behind is, may also help find a solution. It is imp to know the root cause for anything especially as dangerous as this…

    Thanks for sharing these insights with us.

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