COVID-19 and Environment – Is there a relationship?

Covid entered our lives and everything changed around us. Traffic, industry, gatherings and tourism appeared to have come to a halt. People were enjoying their stay on the Earth without paying attention to the crime they were committing against the Earth and its environment. We, humans, are responsible for the deteriorating environmental conditions. Looks as if Covid-19 is here to make us understand that we should mend our ways to save Earth, our only habitat. Human efforts failed to restore the green patches of Earth in many years but the small virus accomplished this task in a few weeks.

Can Covid-19 be an agent of nature?

Look around yourself. The killer virus that’s supposed to be harmful to humans is healing the Earth.
Listen to what mother nature is whispering in our ears. It’s a reminder that playing with the environment can lead to the extinction of the human race.

COVID-19 and Environment- Related?
COVID-19 and Environment- Related?

What We learnt from COVID-19

The tiny, invisible Coronavirus is teaching us many lessons; you know what these are.

1. Human-ecological balance is disturbed

Painful to say but human-ecological balance is disturbed to the level that it’s very difficult to go back to the safe environment period. At least we cannot expect the man to revive the situation. We are soaked in pride and keep on challenging the nature’s strategies.

2. Viruses are the reset buttons

The viruses appear to be the counter-attack of the environment to reset the Earth to the earlier climates. The man should stop behaving like the enemy of the environment if he is interested in extending his stay on the Earth.
This is my personal view, you can cross-question in the comments section.

3. Work together to survive

The whole world has to work together to fight the common enemy, Covid-19. As we learn from the challenges faced in recent time, pandemics can be annihilated with the combined efforts of all nations.
Believe me, there’s no other way to survive as is evident from the limitations of the different countries.

4. Be prepared for more Health Crisis

Before Covid-19, we were living like the ultimate identity on the Earth. Enjoying each facility empowered man to the next degree. He forgot that there is a high probability of the occurrence of life-threatening diseases that can eradicate his mere mortal existence. After the Covid-19 episode, we must be aware that more killer diseases may happen in future. Though Covid-19 left no stone unturned to make us believe in the high possibility of more occurrences, humans don’t seem to have impressed. Are we waiting for a deadlier version to wake us up from the ignorance?

COVID-19 and Environment- Related?
COVID-19 and Environment- Related?

5. Environment has the potential to heal itself

We pollute the environment, carve roads in mountains, contaminate water resources and just play with nature for the sake of fun. The human ego has become so pathetic that man finds pleasure in disturbing nature’s routine course. Covid-19 has indicated that no matter what, the environment has the potential to heal itself. Nature is the ultimate identity and not humans; are we even bothered to stop and think? 

Scientific evidence of the relationship between Covid-19 and Environment

Several health and safety measures forced us to stay at home after the onset of Covid-19.  Educational institutions and offices were closed, market timings were restricted and excursions reduced to zero. These restraints affected the environment in numerous ways and it’s reflected in the data collected by NASA, U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), and ESA (European Space Agency) Earth-observing satellites and many others. These agencies have been working on remote-sensing data for years. The difference between the data before Covid and after Covid is remarkable.

* Pollution decreased to an all-time low in many areas. The reason is the decrease in traffic and industrial waste. It includes improvement in air quality, better sound reception and reduced water pollutants. 

* Deforestation is decreased because of the immobility of human creatures.  It resulted in improved visuals from snow-covered mountains. There’s a hope that we can restore Earth’s climate provided we regulate our needs. 

*Research also provides data that proves that the quality of water we drink also improved after the onset of Covid-19. Covid-19 appears to be operating towards maintaining balance in nature.

Environmental Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as Observed from Space

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  1. Very nice thoughts. Yes, COVID is the reset button for Environmental pollution.

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    1. aditi says:

      Thanks Suhasini.


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