Depletion Of Natural Resources- Causes And Effects- Why should we be concerned?

Depletion of natural resources is happening faster than ever, thereby causing complications in the survival of living beings. We as one of the prominent living creatures should be concerned more than anyone else. Furthermore, being the major culprits, humans should act wisely and restore natural resources to enhance the living beings’ tenure on the planet Earth.

As we know, Natural Resources are the materials found in nature that are used as life supporters and fulfil the needs of living beings. Air, soil, water, coal, oil, natural gas and sunlight are some of the natural resources. Birds, fish, animals are also the resources provided by nature and used by humans in a large amount. In recent years, researchers have found that natural resources cannot be used as luxuriously as we desire because there is a limit to their existence.

Depletion of Natural Resources occurs when we consume them at a rate faster than their replacement. Let’s discuss the important causes of the shortage of Natural Resources. Though most of us are familiar with the causes, it’s our indifference towards the cause that’s worsening the matter.

Depletion of Natural Resources
Depletion of Natural Resources

1) Reduction in Forest Area

Man has been using wood and other forest products for living for many years. It’s the major surviving strategy for humans that’s causing the depletion of many natural resources. Trees are cut to construct buildings, to be used as fuel or to make space for agriculture. Due to the loss of forest area, the number of birds and animals is also decreasing.
We know that trees hold soil that contains several important minerals. When trees are reduced, the danger of soil erosion increases. You just noticed that along with the trees, we lose birds, animals, soil and minerals. It disturbs the biodiversity of nature.

Should we be worried?

Deforestation is not a new practice. Humans have been relying on trees for their day to day needs since the beginning. Thousands of years have passed and you can imagine how badly the trees, the soil and the minerals are being treated. Climate change, soil erosion, floods, increased greenhouse gases and many other terrible impacts are visible today. It’s time to wake up before it’s too late.

Depletion of Natural Resources
Depletion of Natural Resources

2) Fast-growing Population

The human population is one of the major justifications we give for the depletion of natural resources. More men translate to more usage of natural resources like air, water, wood, natural gas, petrol and so on.
The depletion of natural resources will continue with the increase in population. Due to industrialisation and, the need for food and housing, natural resources are being used out of proportion. We should worry because the resources are not getting replaced at the rate they are being used.

Nature is giving us a wake-up call with regular disasters. If you find them the routine natural procedures, be prepared to get extinguished because it also comes under nature’s routine job.

3) Overuse of Natural Resources

In the last three to four centuries, the industrial revolution has triggered more use of minerals, oil and natural gas. It has led to increased deforestation and hence the further loss of minerals. We must be aware that the formation of oil, minerals and natural gas takes thousands of years to give us the desired result. Humans on the other hand waste these precious minerals like these are reproducible. 

Humans are blessed with a brain that can distinguish between good and bad practice. Use it wisely and enhance your stay on planet Earth.

4) Improper Farming methods

Poor farming practices lead to the depletion of good soil. These practices are inappropriate irrigation systems, use of heavy machines and excessive use of pesticides. An improper irrigation system leaves the soil salinized or alkalized. The extra stress on the soil destroys its constitution. The use of pesticides and herbicides kill micro-organisms responsible for replenishing the nutrients of the soil.

Man is an intelligent living creature. He can develop better modes of farming if needed. The need has already surged, time is to recognise it substantially before the beginning of the end.

5) Technological and Industrial Development

With the increase in industrialisation, the amount of toxic waste material thrown in soil and water resources is also increased. It makes soil infertile and pollutes air and water bodies. Pure natural resources are being used in industrial and technological procedures and trash is dumped in water, soil and air. The result is visible in the form of polluted air, impure water and barren land.

It’s time we must revert our technological advances to get purified air, water and land.

6) Uncontrolled Pollution

Do you ever imagine that we are continuously contaminating our natural resources with sewage, radioactive substances, carbon dioxide, transport and industrial waste? The harmful gases released into the atmosphere increase the greenhouse effect and lead to global warming. The changes in the environment are responsible for the extinction of many birds and animals. Humans have also started feeling the heat but I think they are not yet prepared to mend their way. They want a serious jerk from nature and it’s not far away. I’m afraid that it will put a stop to their stay on Earth.

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  1. Natural resources are definitely depleting by the minute and if I may say so then being wasted too. We humans need to be more careful.

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    1. aditi says:

      Our future can be secured only if the natural resources are preserved, wisely.


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