Forget 300-Crore box office Business: Covid is changing the Number Game of Bollywood

Just a couple of years ago, several Bollywood movies experienced huge success at the box office. A few crossed the 300-Crore mark and many reached the 200-Crore milestone. PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Sultan, Dangal, Bahubali 2, War, Sanju, Padmavat all touched the 300-cr mark. If you rewind 7-8 years more, it was rare for a Bollywood movie to achieve the record of 100-crore box office collection. One thing is certain that Bollywood has the potential to break its own record at the box office. However, the rarest of the rare chance occurred and the world got trapped in the tentacles of COVID-19.

The onset of COVID-19 was a major setback for the Bollywood industry. The theatres were closed and the shooting of many movies was halted. More than a year has passed and not a single big movie is released in cinemas. All eyes are fixed on the upcoming movies Radhe (Salman Khan), Suryavanshi (Akshay Kumar), ’83 (Ranveer Singh) and RRR. The expectations are high from these three but looking at the impact of the epidemic, big box office collections sound so bizarre.

In these challenging times, we can’t expect the filmstars, no matter how popular they are, to achieve the target of 250-300 crore box office collection. Experts think that if Radhe, Suryavanshi, ’83, RRR cross 50-100 crores, they should be considered successful. If they had been released in the pre-epidemic times, expectations could be higher.

What does this signify?

A few Bollywood movies were released in theatres and their report card is not very promising. Roohi and Mumbai Saga were released during COVID times and they collected 20 cr and 12 cr respectively. Likewise, the big movies can achieve the mark of 50-100 crore and it’s unfair to predict big amounts. The film trade has to reset the measuring scale to assess the success of movies at the box office. 

Trivia question of the day!

Who played the role of the Boss of Amol Palekar in the movie 'Golmaal'?

The one who gives the correct and the fastest answer will be given a special mention in the next post of Bollywood Gossip!:)

The answer to the question asked in the previous post is 'Om Shanti Om' (again;) and the winner is Ms Anita.
Congratulations again!:)

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28 thoughts on “Forget 300-Crore box office Business: Covid is changing the Number Game of Bollywood”

  1. Truly said, the covid year was hard on the film industry and many other industries too. thanks for reminding some super-duper hit movies. OTT platforms are giving some great shows when we are not able to go out and watch movies.
    The old Golmaal is one of my favorite movies of Amol Palekar, and in this movie, Utpal Dutt has played the role of boss.

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  2. Somehow I dont think we should expect those numbers for a few years… and in a way, I am okay with that. It may force the directors to focus on scripts instead of the jingoism and numbers game that has caused very few really good movies to come out of Bollywood over the last decade

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  3. yes agree dear this covid has impacted our bollywood industry so much. hope things get normal soon and movie business get back on normal track. answer is Uttpal dutt

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  4. The pandemic has hit almost every business and industry. And yes, this hit on the box office has been huge. Let’s hope to see some quality content when things get normalized.

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  5. Those 300 crore marks always seemed so exaggerated and irrelevant since the content of most of those movies was just trash. This shift due to Covid is actually giving chance to good story-telling.

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