London Confidential On ZEE5: Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa in Action-Packed Drama: Review

When I saw the names Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli and Kulraj Randhawa, it was natural for me to get excited about the release of the action-packed film ‘London Confidential‘ starring these actors, on ZEE5. The movie is about spies, betrayals and gripping suspense.
Watch and I promise it won’t disappoint you. London Confidential keeps you on the edge of the seat till the last minute of the adventurous trip.


  • The movie marks the entry of Mouni Roy to the OTT world. Amazing news for the fans!
  • London Confidential gives a glimpse of how the world would work after COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A spy-thriller, ‘London Confidential’ is a 70-minute movie shot completely during the lockdown, in London.
Image Credit: ZEE5.COM London Confidential

According to the creator of the film S. Hussain Zaidi, โ€œLondon Confidential is an intriguing saga of espionage, betrayal and the real-world of spies, which we have never seen before.”


The story of London Confidential is set in London where Indian secret agents are being killed mysteriously. Uma (Mouni Roy) is on the duty to find the culprits behind the death of a fellow agent who was supposed to know about another virus, China was planning to release. Arjun (Purab Kohli) is Uma’s fellow agent who has an unconventional sense of humour. Both are seen solving the same case and their chemistry is something one must look for.

Kulraj Randhawa is the Indian High Commissioner on a mission to find a mole in her team. There are action sequences, honey-traps, homosexual relationship and extra-marital relationships. The fast-paced movie won’t let you leave your seat for a moment.

Sharad Kelkar plays the role of Mouni’s husband. He understands the kind of responsibility his wife is carrying, only wants her to spend some quality time with him.

Director Kanwal Sethi says, โ€œThis is the first OTT feature film to be shot in London post the lockdown. On one hand, it was a very challenging experience and great learning to shoot in these difficult times, but at the same time, it was also a joy to work with a wonderful team. I really appreciate the team at ZEE5, Ajay Rai and Mohit Chhabra who came together and decided to start filming. Mouni, Purab and Kulraj and the entire cast are all very passionate towards the project. We have tried to show London in a new face, like never before.โ€

Image Credit: ZEE5.COM London Confidential

ZEE5 Original, London Confidential is a short, crisp movie that shows the life of spies in other countries. Mouni has a great part to play, quite different from her roles in Hindi movies ‘Goal’ and ‘Made In India’.
Purab Kohli acted naturally as always.
Kulraj had a meaty role to play and she did complete justice. Mohan Kapoor as Sr Raw Officer is good in the guest appearance.
The only thing I felt could be changed is the time duration. Though London Confidential is a good fast-paced thriller, one feels like elaborating a few scenes.

A must-watch from me:)

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41 thoughts on “London Confidential On ZEE5: Mouni Roy, Purab Kohli, Kulraj Randhawa in Action-Packed Drama: Review”

  1. Nice, detailed review. Sounds like an interesting movie. I watched Special Ops recently, which was excellent, and I was looking for an interesting spy thriller. I saw this but didn’t feel like watching but I will watch it now. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Seems like a movie I need to watch….Espionage thriller and fast paced – a great combination not to be missed….On a side note, I absolutely LOVE Purab Kohli ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love everything on ZEE5. Just completed Expiry Date-thriller series and alongside added London Confidential in my watchlist. Now your intriguing review is tempting me to watch right away.

    Liked by 1 person

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