Journey of Indian Media – A Fast-Changing Reality

I enjoy watching news channels on my television as they provide knowledge as well as entertainment. No, it was not the case some years ago. In those days, entertainment was kept separate from the news and information broadcast. There used to be a significant difference between the two, sort of mutual respect to not to infiltrate the area of the other.
A ritual in our home, thirty minutes were devoted to the news, every day. For your kind information, those were the days when the whole family would sit together to watch the single source of broadcast, the television. During that time, we, the children of the house would wait impatiently for the next show. The only fascinating thing that glued us to the TV was the next program, succeeding the news hour.
The younger generation, not aware of the ‘news bulletins of the past’ is suggested to watch a few on YouTube.

Media has certainly changed the pattern of delivering information. In other words, people have discovered (though late) that freedom of speech can be exploited. The realisation was late yet worthy of discussion by thinkers;)

Exactly How has Media Changed

📺 Need to Change the Monotonous Media

For years, people had been informed about the happenings around the world in a monotonous tone. Polite, smiling newsreaders used to appear on the television screen for a small, fixed time and convey the information about the occurrence of events. There was no reason to deny the statements made by those newsreaders. Moreover, the sessions were the only source of information we had in the absence of the World Wide Web.

Then, the wave of internet altered everything.

📺 Internet filled the Void

A time came when there was a boost in technology that resulted in the flood of information. Desire to know more increased as we got served with huge chunks of knowledge. Internet was a boon. Television News bulletins started to transform so as to match the enormous data found on the web.

📺 Social Media Storm

The Internet brought with it the concept of connecting online known as ‘Social Media’ and the rest is history. Now, news spread faster than the forest fire and we are spoilt by choice.
Tweets of celebrities go viral in minutes and their Instagram posts become talk of the town.
A recent case of Sushant Singh Rajput death mystery is being solved on social media. Such is the awesomeness of instant connectivity. 

📺 Freedom to Speak got redefined

Media today has nothing similar to the news channels of yesterday. We as the audience are well-informed via multiple television channels. The journalists, the reporters, the news anchors, all are utilising their freedom to speak to reveal the truth.
I’m fascinated by the manner the journalists are assisting to solve the Disha-Sushant death mystery.

You would like to Read Sushant Singh Rajput Death- Murder or Suicide

📺 Entertainment is NOT Ignored

Believe it, you don’t find the need to switch to the entertainment channels these days as long as an enthusiastic newscaster keeps showering abundance of data proficiently.
One starts with his favourite news channel, sails through the ups and downs of the happenings and switches off the television with a promise to return to another round of the never-ending saga.

This Blogpost is part of the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.

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SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge

59 thoughts on “Journey of Indian Media – A Fast-Changing Reality”

  1. I completely agree that social media has changed the meaning of processing information. in old days, we have to wait for long 1 day to know next set of news but now with the power of SM it takes minutes to spread the information. personally, I feel it has its own pros and cons. sometimes, keeping connected with overflowing information and news feels annoying to me. great write up and unique response to theme dear.

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  2. Aha! Feeling nostalgic by seeing so many faces of the famous newsreaders of our time, Shobhna Jadish was one of my favorites of those times. We too had a kind of ritual of watching 30min of news daily, honestly, in spite of glued sincerely, I hardly understood any news especially political one. Totally agree the world wide web and also with SMs together has brought a moraculous boom in the way of broadcasting news and of course, at the same time, it has widen the area of chaos and fakeness also.

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  3. I loved your take on the prompt. News now has become a source of gaining TRP’s & advertisement. News channels are certainly exploiting Freedom of speech & want to sensationalise everything. Now it’s not possible to watch news with kids, like earlier times.

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  4. oh my goodness. I felt extremely nostalgic looking at Shobhna Jadish. It was everyday practice at our home to watch news for 30 minutes. Media today has nothing similar to the news channels of yesterday. Honestly it is more drama ..

    Love the uniqueness in this theme .. AWesome

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  5. First of all, the theme of your post is very unique. Appreciate that. Then how you pointed out all the things that came in our way of witnessing the evolution of the news media, is very nicely written. A well organised post. Loved it.

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  6. I loved your take on this prompt and how you have showcased changing media over the years. From simple new readers of Doordarshan to now the every ready to fight anchors. Things have become more commercial and the real meaning of news is missing in all this chaos

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  7. Just felt visiting my childhood where we have to sit with elder to watch news. That was a rituals. Now days media has changed the role of freedom of speech. Moreover it is really confusing which one news channel is telling the truth.

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  8. This is quite an interesting take on the prompt, took me back to the good old days. I don’t like watching the news anymore, most of the time it just seems like watching some frustrated people sitting in a battle ground with the freedom of speech. I prefer reading the news instead.


  9. Very different take on the prompt Aditi! I think everyone would agree that the Indian media has changed completely, and not for good. We no more have “News” channels, they can now be termed as drama channels.


  10. Lovely take on the prompt. I loved the picture of doordarshan days, its amazing how I can still recall the face of the new reader from back then while I can barely name anyone from current times. Such is the pace of life these days!


  11. A unique but equally important take on the prompt. News then was less manipulated and was presented as information. But, today’s news especially in India is more of a chaotic debate that leads the viewers nowhere. It’s a sad reality. The ritual of watching news has disappeared.


  12. The face and meaning News and journalism has changed significantly over the years. More than reality, the media is now made it an entertainment show. I specially dont like the anchors yelling to make a point. It’s very ridiculous and a fierce and aggressive approach. Also social media boom has made matters worse and good both. With so many news circulating on social media, now it’s tough to decide wht is true and what is fake news. I have lost my interest in news channels.


  13. This is so true, Aditi. I loved your comparison and believe me I loved to watch DD during my early years. Soon, everything started changing and we got the power of social media.


  14. news is not news these days,rightly said, its more of an entertainment; its very sad. thats not what I learnt in my journalism course.


  15. You make me nostalgic. I used to wait for News at 9pm. But now the things are totally changed, there is no time slot for anything, you can get the information at any time because of the internet sources.


  16. This post brought back some fond memories. In my family, before and after the news hour was full of discussions on current affairs. We were a generation where news was read, watched and analysed positively and objectively. Things are very different today…you have highlighted the changes wonderfully. Interesting perspective!

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  17. I agree news has changed a lot today, but being a journalism student myself I kind of don’t associate with the high pitched, self righteous news that is shared today.

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  18. News today is only for sensationalism…nothing more…I am not sure we are learning anything from it, unfortunately…good old days of a single channel were so good.

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  19. Well, one this is for sure: news isn’t news anymore! Mainstream news channels like Republic and Times now are propaganda machines, spreading misinformation and slander. Quite a fall, from the staid reporting we grew up with!

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  20. Loved this post that took me from years of media journeyand how it changed in the span of this time. Refreshing to see doordarsan glimpses here. Earlier it was just one news channel and we were more interested in news and now its more about TRP and marketing.

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  21. Know what, I would prefer changing channels for entertainment than see today’s newsreaders put up a shoddy show for the sake of TRPs. I miss those days when news were unbiased and presented without emotion.

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  22. What an extreme contrast between the two news anchors in the first pic. Although Doordarshan had its own issues with the state’s interference, it is better by leaps and bounds than the current news media.

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  23. It’s problematic when News becomes entertainment, not just entertaining. As they compete with each other ovr their entertainment value instead of actual news value, reality blurs into oblivion and what we see is the Page3 tabloid and controversial “blind items” turning into full fledged TV program. I miss those days when news told us what we SHOULD know , no matter how boring or grim it is. Now they just tell us what’s exciting.

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  24. Freedom of speech got redefined but I don’t think in a good way. It is more like anyone who can make more noise will be heard. And the very same freedom of speech is used through the news as the best use of this propaganda machine.

    I agree to this as well that Media today has nothing similar to the news channels of yesterday. We as the audience are well-misinformed via multiple television channels. The journalists, the reporters, the news anchors, all are utilising their freedom to divert our attention from what needs real attention to sensational and ‘entertaining’ drama.

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