Occasionally Go Insane to Stay Sane

Had been fretting about the prevailing pandemic situation for days, tried hard but found it difficult to come out of the vicious cycle of emotional discomfort. There was a blessed moment when I recalled my stay at the hostel as a young girl. At that time, it seemed impossible for me to live away from the home and the family, moreover because I was a pampered child at home. The pressure was so overwhelming that I would often cry hiding in my hostel room. It didn’t continue for long as I found the remedy to stay sane. This is going to be a lesson on Mental Health.

Go Insane to Stay Sane
Go Insane to stay Sane

One day my hostel friends invited me to their dormitory for a birthday celebration. They were dancing and singing as if there was no tomorrow. At first, I was shying away from dancing, but eventually, it became difficult to stop me after three hours of dancing. The whole process of expressing myself resulted in a calmer me who was beaming with new energy. Occasional, loud self-expression became crucial in my life as it happened to be associated with the lowering of anxiety. 

Going crazy to express myself has worked greatly in toning down my emotional stress. My thoughts become clearer and my perception to see life improves after the ‘go-crazy therapy’. I’ve started believing that we should occasionally go insane to preserve our sanity.

While people are telling you to protect sanity, my controversial opinion might leave you confused. The mantra of ‘Go insane to gain sanity’ works for me to a good extent and I’m sure it will leave a positive impact on you too. There are unprecedented times when our disturbed state of mind refuses to act as per fixed civil norms. Set yourself free from the limitations and priorities previously defined, maybe for a short period.

Are You Overwhelmed by the happenings around You?

Such situations come into everybody’s life when we feel bad about something. I won’t suggest that you do not cry.

*  You go through the crying phase to relieve yourself of the pain. Do not try to stop tears from flowing.

* When you are somewhat comfortable after the tear-downpour, do what you love to do and leave the rest. Be open to doing it in abundance.

* Dancing and writing work for me while singing, painting or reading may do wonders for many others. You know your passion and now you know what to do when stuck in an emotional swell.

Sing like crazy,

Dance like crazy,

Read like crazy,

Play music like crazy, 

Want to scream? Do it like crazy!

* I promise it’s a decent way to control your emotions most comfortably.

Impact of ‘Go Insane’ therapy

* By following the therapy, you tend to forget your problem for sufficient time. This means you can invite some fresh ideas to your brain. 

* The good aspect of the therapy is that you will be doing things you’re most comfortable with, that too in abundance.

* When negative emotions are released, the person evolved is mature and refined. If the therapy is done right, you start thinking from a new perspective.

* The short procedure of ‘Go Insane to stay Sane’  today will prepare you for the better tomorrow. 

Caution while Going Insane in the hope to be Sane

Some cautionary measures need to be followed if you want maximum benefits from the sane-insane game.

* Make sure you go insane for a short time else the trick can do more harm than good. I hope you understand why I wrote so;)

* Adhere to the moral standards of the surroundings where you practice your ‘Go insane’ trick. I prefer to dance behind the doors. What’s your go-insane strategy?

* Limits must be drawn before starting the experiment. 

** The author is solely responsible for the views and opinions expressed in this article. Try only if you can handle it.

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49 thoughts on “Occasionally Go Insane to Stay Sane”

  1. Aditi I can’t tell you how much I love this concept. Inside me I have a Vagabond soul who wants to wander aimlessly and be a perfect nomad. Your post is a reminder of our childhood when life was carefree.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a crazy way to dance the blues away. I occasionally do this too… sometimes play really loud rock music to drown out the voices. A little occasional crazy helps keep the sane going. Loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You mean go bananas 🙂 Aditi? And you have said we should adhere to society rules 🙂 Cmon yaar kuch crazy karna hai to full on karna chahiye na. I rarely do anything insane except play loud music sometimes but with friends I forget my age. 57 is old, no?? 🙂 But we still act like kids

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Age is just a number dear, it’s our state of mind that matters. Yes, I’ve written contradictory statements but this is how it is meant to be;)


  4. I loved this concept and always implementing on me. That’s why my friends always invite me or hang out with me because they believe the crazy soul ( me) can bring the happiness, fun out of the box too… and I love this version of me..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The perfect advice for the current times, Aditi. I loved the title. It is quite okay to go insane (within limits, of course) to let it all out. Let people judge if they wish to.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sometimes we do have to be a bit crazy. I loved the tips you shared. Being insane does not mean going break rules of civility but just do what we wouldn’t have otherwise done.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I just loved this topic. This is the perfect advice and therapy for current times.Thanks for sharing such a detailed post on this topic.

    Liked by 1 person

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