Glimpse of India- Parents Who Pamper, Preach And Expect

Parents Who Pamper, Preach And Expect

The other day, I was writing on the importance of family bonding, sacrifices and blessed togetherness. Indian family values teach a person virtues of patience, sympathy and empathy naturally.

These values have an ancient connection when it was necessary for people to stay together. Family became the smallest unit of togetherness. Many families united to form a community; then a village, city, state and hence various regions were defined. There was a need for recognition and the closely-knit families proved to be a strong base of a strong state (or country).

*Every member of the family could feel a considerable family cohesive force. From the youngest to the eldest, each one completed others. Togetherness was their strength.

Cut to today.

Unlike in the past, people are more educated now. They know what’s good for their personal development. Their behaviour is also different from the families of the past.

*Young guns:

Youngsters, today, respect their individuality and don’t tolerate any preachers around! They want their lives to be theirs only. Self-improvement being their ultimate aim(What’s wrong in it?), it’s difficult for them to be obedient to their parents.

*And Parents!

In nuclear families, the attention of parents is limited to their two/three children. In an effort to fulfil their dreams through children, parents pamper them with the best resources they have. Next, children are given good advice (Is it preaching?) for successful living. After dedicating their lives to children, parents expect something (near about everything) from children.

No one seems to be going wrong.

Where does the problem lie? I’m leaving this for my readers to reply. After all, human relations are not rigid like mathematical formulae, these are subject to interpretations;)

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Glimpse of India-Home is where Family is

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Home is where Family is

The richness of being Indian lies in strong family bonding. Our lives are inseparable from our families. We create moments of togetherness and cherish forever. It’s a common practice in Indian households to sit together and relish sumptuous meal. Chatting, laughing, playing are so instinctive that unreal modes of entertainment take a back seat. We celebrate our extravagant festivals unitedly and welcome joy.
One member of the tribe faces a problem, all others stand like a wall to help him. Togetherness is our strength and we are proud of it.

Our joint families preserve and nurture the cultural value system and exhibit a strong cohesive force. Introduction of the nuclear family was a necessity but it is depleting our value system.

Today I’m discussing the role of joint family in the changing scenario of society.

1) Indian families are institutions in themselves that teach qualities like patience, sympathy, sharing and understanding, naturally.

The rise in the number of nuclear families is making people more and more insensitive towards the needs of others.

2) In joint families, children respect elders and are keen to learn from them. They listen to moral stories from grandparents and learn everyday wisdom from elders.

With the shortening of extended families, children are fast becoming self-centred. View this from a larger angle and you will see delinquents and criminals growing up in our ‘small, proud homes’.

3) Strong bonding among family members develops a sense of security and this is the beauty of a big family.

Nuclear families feel alone and insecure in the absence of closely knit clan. Result? They don’t believe in others and display traits of anger and possessiveness.

4) Children growing up in a joint family imbibe qualities of patience, tolerance, confidence to speak in a group and sportsmanship.

Nuclear family children are less tolerant and are more likely to indulge in fights and brawls.

I’m not glorifying nuclear families because I can feel there’s a decay in the moral characters of the citizens of India with the rise in small families. I admit that many times it becomes difficult to live with the extended family but young people have started avoiding living with seniors. When a society forgets its values, the decay is not far. I request my fellow citizens to revive the Indian values and save the goodness of our nation.

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