Glimpse of India- Exploring Buzzing Bazaars

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Glimpse of India- Exploring Buzzing Bazaars

If you want to absorb the true essence of India, visit its Bazaars brimming with enthusiastic people. Those who are unaware, Bazaar is the name given to markets which sell goods at a relatively low price. We get more variety in Bazaars that translates into more choice. You can say that air-conditioned Malls provide better ambience and better variety, why would someone go to crowded Bazaars? And who wants to walk a mile or two (In bazaar you have to walk because the streets are narrow) when they have luxurious vehicles at their disposal?

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I understand your query. Online shopping is comfort but street shopping is love. India is famous for its thronging bazaars and people like me won’t let the ritual die out. So guys! I’m sharing my views on why I love to shop in bazaars:)

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1) Variety, Variety and Variety

Expose yourself to the variety these bazaars. These ethnic hubs are open for one and all. Local shoppers, tourists and idlers enjoy the crazy ride equally.
As Paulo Coelho said,
“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.”
For extensive India experience, get enchanted by the magic called Bazaars:)

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2) Everyday Fair

These bazaars are popular shopping hubs where people gather to purchase grocery, garments, furniture, books and exotic fast food. There are posh malls in every corner of the country but people are accustomed to buying from traditional markets, bazaars. They hang out for familiar ambience, a variety of goods and a huge difference in prices from the malls.

3) No formalities

You don’t have to dress up in your best to hit the bazaar. Everyday clothes and footwear are more than sufficient to explore. In addition, such dress-up is comfortable moving around on foot. No formalities ensure you are comfortable and the natural best of yourself.

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4) Openly Displayed goods

What I love about these bazaars are openly displayed goods and services. You’ll get an idea of what all a shop has inside without actually going inside. There are many stalls and hawkers who don’t even have proper shops to keep the stock.

5) No dearth of enthusiasm

The enthusiasm and energy shopkeepers, hawkers and buyers display in a bazaar is quite infectious. You can find hawkers advertising his products by shouting loudly. One sells his goods keeping in mind that if he charges more, the next shop will offer a lower price to the customer. Bazaars are truly customers paradise.

6) Reduced Prices – Who doesn’t mind saving a buck

Huge difference between the prices is the main reason customers ditch posh malls and head to bazaars. Electronic goods, clothes, home appliances, books; when everything is available at 25-50% less, nobody can refuse unless they have excess money to trash.

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7) Be an Explorer – You never know what treasure you find in these packed streets!

Some of the best-treasured things have been purchased from bazaars. These places are usually hundreds of years old. One can find amazing craft work, silk and thread work directly from the artisans. This beauty you will never find in malls and if by chance you find, the price will be out of your reach.

8) Meet the artisans
If you are lucky enough, you can meet the artisans working on their art pieces. Another good incentive to explore India’s happening bazaars:)

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