Glimpse of India- Land of snake charmers?

Land of snake charmers?

Ask westerners and they can tell you that India is a land of Snake Charmers. Though a huge number of Indians have not spotted a single charmer in their lifetimes, the foreigners have an assurance that these mysterious persons are quite a common sight in India. I’m sure many people reading this article want to know about these fellows curiously.

What is a Snake Charmer

Snake-Charmer is a person who appears to hypnotize the snakes by playing a wind instrument (Pungi) around them. They take necessary precautions while playing with the snakes. In addition to staying away from venomous snakes, they carefully remove the creature’s fangs before performing the act.

*Earlier, the Snake Charmers were considered magicians or healers. They were the men of high status and knew how to handle snakes and treat person bitten by a snake.

Snake Charmers- A common sight or not!

It seems that Snake Charming originated in India. In Hinduism, snakes are considered sacred and hence worshipped. In the early twentieth century, the government promoted this art to draw tourism.
Today, snake charming is dying out mainly because of the enforcement of the law (1972) to ban the ownership of snakes. Now the snake charmers are not found in every street of India. It doesn’t mean that they have completely disappeared. You can spot them in fairs, famous tourist spots or religious events.

Why is India called a Land Of Snake Charmers?

1) India is home to many venomous and non-venomous snakes. These species baffle our western friends and they see a connection between India and snakes.

2) India has a huge number of snake researchers, snake catchers, snake temples and snake worshippers🐍.

3) While other countries eat snakes, India worships them.

4) Before 1972, the government of India promoted snake charming to boost tourism. This led western countries to conclude that India is the Land Of Snake to Charmers.

How many times have I spotted a snake-charmer?

Frankly speaking, the sight is not common in India I know. As a small child, the spotting was more frequent say once in 2-3 months. As I grew older, the mysterious snake charmers started disappearing from the streets. For the reason, I explained earlier.

As PM Narendra Modi said, “We are no more land of snake charmers, rather even downgraded and play with MOUSE in Computers and rule the Whole Software world from India to Silicon Valley”.

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