#MeToo Already Losing Intensity?

#MeToo Already Losing Intensity?

Following in the steps of their Western counterparts, Indian women dared to speak up against the sexual predators. This time the war was gender-specific. Voices snubbed for a long time suddenly got a passage that led to an outburst. India’s patriarchal culture doesn’t allow women to do something against men at such a grand level. Women are often afraid to speak up against men because the ultimate power is in the hands of the men. In spite of knowing very well that woman is the one who gives birth and dedicates herself to make this world livable, man constantly tries to prove his superiority through his physical power.

It’s ironic that the woman who as a mother, protects the man from the harshness of life, falls prey to his cruelties. It is she who gives him the lesson of love and he, in turn, gives her the taste of hatred and violence.

The voice of the woman has been silenced for centuries. Abuse, of any kind, is not shareable; this is what the woman learns by heart since childhood. She is taught that freedom comes with some restrictions meant for women only. Though different societies offer different levels of freedom to women, it’s always less than men and to a substantial amount.

Every woman has her #MeToo story. Horrible incidences of unwanted touches, abuses and curbing of equal rights, woman faces all while finding her position in the society. To establish herself is much difficult for a woman than it is for a man. The simple reason being our men-centric society where rules are made for the convenience of men. It doesn’t mean that all men misuse their so-called power. There are many who are the epitomes of ethics and morals. The irony is that people are more receptive to negative traits.

When #MeToo reached India, I was happy. Thought that now women will find the courage to tell their stories and the age-old ritual of hiding sexual attacks will be dumped. From Bollywood to politics to corporates, men with dark history were ashamed and boycotted by some courageous ladies. Many powerful people came under scan and their sexual crimes were revealed.

Days into the campaign and I can sense the fall in its intensity. From page one to page three to somewhere between random pages, #MeToo is losing the grip. They find other things more important. There are political dramas, movies release, celebrity marriages and much more. Women safety was always a concern and it will always be, but something so obvious doesn’t need hype.

Good thing is that many biggies fell by the wayside as more women gathered courage to tell their #MeToo stories. The bad is that these big names run our country and hence can’t be bracketed among accused for long. Our legal history proves that.

You would have noticed that the women coming up to tell their #MeToo stories are power women. What about meek and timid women who lack the courage to say their tales? Majority of Indian women don’t dare to speak up and this is the beginning of the fall of #MeToo campaign in India. I said campaign. The Wave has not reached masses as yet to be entitled as a movement. Women from humble backgrounds need support to tell their side of the story. Can we raise our voice to turn this campaign into a movement?

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16 thoughts on “#MeToo Already Losing Intensity?”

  1. True! However, it is every woman’s responsibility to support the #MeToo movement, and not let its flames die out. Only then can we make a significant difference.

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  2. I think it needs to be spoken about through other mediums rather than just social media… Like print… Apart from MJ Akbar… Everything is delegated to page 3 like its some entertainment news… Which it is NOT….
    Great post

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    1. It should be there but I can sense the fall of the campaign before reaching its peak. The voices have been silence for a reason and probably that will be the reason for dying out.
      Thanks for reading:)

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