Dear Blog, With Love

Dear Blog, With Love

You blessed me with freedom to express my inner rhyme,
Gave wings to creativity, sharpened my style to write,
Dear blog ‘Panoramic Ripples‘, I tribute with love,
You are my wisdom tooth I got in time!

There was a time when I was confused like hell,
What Should I Write‘ was the query as well,
A little poem here and a little wisdom quote there,
Travel experience made entry and created a stir.

Admit I couldn’t do justice to your grace,
Missed quite many days, no updates to trace,
Say Writer’s Block or Lazy Bones as you wish,
But I finally was determined to make our relation bloom and sway!

Confidence boosted, wisdom flowed,
Indiblogger and Blogchatter enchanted my growth,
Panoramic Ripples flourished, created buzz,
Badges and prizes and blogging fun:D

Brand promotions to contests, blog trains followed,
I’m happy in my little world, write and absorb,
Found my individuality, strengthened belief in self,
‘I Can’ is the real wealth, made myself proud.

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  1. Ashish kumar says:

    Very nice creation welcoming yourself after writer’s block… Beautifully penned… And wish you a happy women’s day as well… 👍😊🙏🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. aditi says:

      Thanks Suhasini:)


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