How to Ensure the Safety of Indoor Air in the time of Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, the safety of the air we breathe matters the most. We may not have immediate control over the outdoor air but thanks to technology, indoor air can be purified to a good extent. To make indoor air safer during the COVID pandemic, these technological marvels should be exploited for health purposes. ‘Burge ion Dome‘ by Burge Electronics is one such technological wonders that removes 99.97%* air pollutants in 6 minutes, including all COVID19 variants. What makes ‘Burge ion Dome’ stand out is the unique technology by which it neutralises the suspended and surface microorganisms within a few minutes.

What is Burge ion Dome?

*Burge ion Dome is the latest air-purifier in the market committed to the most basic right of human beings – The right to breathe!

* It works on the technology of ionisation, to destroy the harmful microorganisms in the air like bacteria, viruses, smoke, soot and anything toxic. Coronavirus is not an exception.

* The device is launched at a time when the world is battling yet another wave of the COVID pandemic. It will serve as protective gear against harmful germs in the enclosed spaces.

* Burge ion Dome is a portable plug & play device which can be installed on any surface easily. This makes the device a go-to gadget for air purification.

Burge ion Dome
Burge ion Dome

* Burge ion Dome is relatively affordable and seems promising in tackling the rising number of air pollutants.
* Watch the video below to understand the working of Burge ion Dome:

Burge ion Dome

*Burge ion Dome by Burge Electronics, certified by ICMR-approved labs, is an Ozone-free air purifier for enclosed spaces like homes and offices.
* It’s not a choice anymore but a necessity to make indoor air safer during the COVID pandemic. They say,” Stay at home and stay safe!” We’ll be safe at home if the indoor air is clean. A portable air-purifier like Burge ion Dome can keep us safe in enclosed spaces.

About the brand- ‘Burge Electronics’

A subsidiary of Dhoot Transmission, Burge Electronics is an Indian conglomerate company that was launched in 2020 with the concept of improving the health and wellness of people around the world. With the ion Dome virus neutraliser, the company establishes itself in the health and wellness sector.

Burge ion Dome
Burge ion Dome

Steps to make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic

A few pointers kept in mind can save the world from horrendous pollution levels. Let’s see what we can do to inhale clean air indoors:

1. Cooking vents should be used.
2. AC filters need regular cleaning for better indoor air.
3. Maintain indoor plants to freshen up the air.
4. The carpets and rugs should be dust-free, don’t postpone their cleaning.
5. Quit smoking and protect the health of you and your family.
6. Use a good quality air-purifier like the Burge ion Dome.

The lives of your loved ones are precious. It is wiser to pay attention to these small things than to repent later. Coronavirus is giving us tough competition with its multiple variants, be prepared with the best defence available.


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