4 Pro Tips To Make Traditional Wear Look Super Cool this summer! (Manyavar)

You will agree with me that men look their best when traditionally dressed. It’s the charm of cultural heritage that gives a feeling of being attached to our roots. Indian traditional dress for men have been changing the form with time but the basic pattern remains the same. Today, there are plenty of options for men to look dapper while adorning the option of traditional dress for men. Here I’m sharing a few pro tips to make traditional wear look super cool this summer.

Summer is here and most of you are refilling your wardrobes with the coolest summer outfits. I know, there are several ways to dress up in the hot season to look and feel cool. My idea of men dressing up in summer revolves around quintessential Traditional dresses.

1. Indian Kurta Sets

Kurta sets are the most popular Indian attire we can think of. When you search for Indian traditional dresses for men , the Kurta set will pop up first. It’s the simplest form of dressing up and requires a loose top shirt called Kurta and matching bottom wear (pyjama). Nowadays we can find many evolved forms of Kurta pyjamas that have changed their usage too. Earlier Kurta-Pyjama was supposed to be casual wear. Today one can find countless choices to get spoiled when it comes to buying a Kurta Set. There are long Kurtas, short Kurta, Pathani Suits, Pyjama/Pant/Dhoti/Churidar according to your preferences. You can get Kurta Sets for all occasions, from casual wear to party wear and wedding attire.

Pro tip: Get yourself summer-ready with some cool Kurta Sets in your wardrobe.

Manyavar traditional wear : Indian Kurta Set
Manyavar traditional wear: Indian Kurta Set

2. Wedding Sherwanis

Sherwani is a long, coat-like knee-length jacket worn with a churidar, pyjamas or dhoti to give a royal appearance. Usually worn by the groom at the wedding, the Sherwani has some kind of embroidery done with zari or silk thread. The exclusive Sherwani work is taken up by talented craftspeople spread all over India. I like how a good Sherwani changes the look of the Groom at a wedding. Not only grooms but Sherwani is also worn by the fathers of the bride and groom, and other significant people at the function.

Pro tip: Wear a Jutti (Indian traditional footwear) with Sherwani for the perfect wedding look.

Manyavar traditional wear: Wedding Sherwani
Manyavar traditional wear: Wedding Sherwani

3. Indo-Western Sets

Some men want a pleasant shift from the traditional Kurta Pyjama look. Indo-Western sets are thoughtfully made for them. These are the original Sherwanis which go through a Western twist. The buttoned-down Sherwanis are given trendy cuts and amazing silhouettes. The modern man likes to dress up according to the latest fashion while staying glued to the traditions. These Indo-Western sets are specially made to satisfy their taste.

Pro tip: Own an Indo-Western set to impress special people on special occasions.

Manyavar traditional wear: Indo-Western Sets
Manyavar traditional wear: Indo-Western Sets

4. Kurta Jacket Sets

A nicely embroidered short jacket worn over Kurta Pyjama looks very elegant. Sometimes a printed jacket also does wonders when adorned over a simple Kurta. A simple Kurta Jacket set can be worn for everyday use. For special occasions like engagement ceremonies or weddings, slightly embellished jackets should be preferred. On a lighter note, these Kurta Jackets are favourites of our politicians too;)

Pro tip: Wear a Kurta Jacket ensemble wherever you are to make a statement.

Manyavar traditional wear: Kurta Jacket Set
Manyavar traditional wear: Kurta Jacket Set

Today traditional dresses for men are not restricted to simple Kurta Pyjamas. Explore the wide range of fabulous Kurtas, Jackets, Sherwanis, Dhotis, Churidars to empower yourself with the power of traditional wear. The experiments are continuously being performed on the traditional dress for men. We hope to discover more possibilities for men’s traditional wear in the near future.


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