What does beauty stand for you? Try this oily skin care routine for healthy skin.

Beauty is something we feel delighted to look at. We know that there’s not a single definition of beauty. Everyone has their perspective to describe the impression known as beauty. For me, it’s inner health and wellness that enriches looks and enhances beauty. The healthy food we eat, the physical exercises we stick to and the healing meditation we perform, reflect in the form of outward beauty. For someone like me who has oily skin has a different oily skin care routine to follow in order to keep it healthy. Cosmetics do help in transforming our looks but the real beauty originates when we are happy and healthy inside. Eat good, exercise good and think good to achieve natural beauty.

What hampers achieving natural beauty?

There are various reasons why we fail to achieve real beauty standards. The physical features and the colour of the skin are secondary, it’s the quality of hair and skin health that makes one beautiful. The reasons for bad skin can be:

1. Nutritional Deficiency

The food we eat should deliver all the nutrients our body needs to grow to be healthy. The deficiency in any form can be bad for our bodies. If your body shows any signs of lack of nutrition, consult an expert who may recommend you a healthy and balanced diet. You may be asked to take supplements along with the regular diet if there’s any requirement.

2. Sun exposure

Direct sun rays can harm your skin. The immediate effect of sun exposure is sunburn. If the skin is repeatedly exposed to the sunlight, it starts looking wrinkled, dry, and discolored. To save your skin from getting damaged, avoid going out when the sun is at its peak. A good sunscreen can also help in saving your skin from sunlight.

3. Skin texture

We often wonder how some people have flawless skin while others face many skin problems. The texture of our skin decides it all. People like me with oily skin should follow an oily skin care routine. Those who have dry skin should follow a dry skin care routine. When we know that staying beautiful is in our hands, this little effort doesn’t seem like a burden. Caring for your skin should never be taken casually if you want to look and feel beautiful.

Skincare essentials
Skincare essentials

4. Stress and worries

While I am strict in following my oily skin care routine, a little stress can fail me by impacting my skin. It is proven that stress directly affects our skin, hair, and nails. The chemicals produced by stress and worries hinder the healing process of damaged skin. If you are constantly stressed, your skin will wrinkle fast and you begin to look older than your actual age. Experts say that we should be able to manage stress because it is a part of our everyday lives.¹

5. Environmental Pollution

Another obvious danger that we are facing is the harmful effects of environmental pollution on our health. The effects of pollutants on our organs like the lungs or heart are known to all but their influence on the skin is still under study. The chemicals in the pollutants interact with the skin tissues and cause immediate reactions. The skin is, therefore, one of the first parts of our body to get affected by pollution. To save your skin from pollution, apply a layer of any dermatologist-tested protective cream. Avoid going to places where the pollution levels are high.²

What is my oily skin care routine

Many people ask me about my oily skincare routine and so I’m sharing it with all of you. The secretion of extra oil from the skin glands makes the skin look greasy and it results in the occurrence of acne, blackheads, and pigmentation. These unwanted occurrences interfere with the ideal beauty perception. It becomes necessary to take care of my skin by sticking to the oily skin care routine. Read below the ideal skincare steps to follow if you have oily skin:

For healthy skin, one must follow CTM (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturization). You can add to it a good face serum and sunscreen for a long-lasting impression.

1. Cleansing the skin

The first step is cleansing the skin with a good quality mild cleanser. It’s the most important step in my oily skin care routine. Care should be taken to not to overdo the cleansing. Your skin should be clean and not dried out after cleansing.

2. Toning the skin

Toning is the second important step in the oily skin care routine. The toning process removes the residual dirt and oil from the skin pores. For oily skin, use a good quality alcohol-free toner that opens the skin pores without damaging the skin.

*Remember not to leave your skin with open pores after toning. Moisturizing is a must otherwise you may end up inviting more dirt and pollutants to your skin pores.

Oily Skincare routine
Oily Skincare routine

3. Moisturizing the skin

As I have oily skin, my moisturizer has to be oil-free. A good moisturizer that saves skin from drying up is my choice. As I told you earlier, never leave home with only toner
applied to your skin because it opens up the pores and may invite unwanted dust and pollution particles to the skin.

4. The role of sunscreen in my oily skin care routine

There are many sunscreens in the market but I cannot use any of them because of my oily skin. I prefer to use matte sunscreen to look flawless. It reduces the oil effect on the skin and can be worn under makeup.

Though, I am very particular about following my oily skin care routine, somewhere something was incomplete. When I discussed this with my friend, she told me about Perfectil, a beauty vitamin supplement that she’s already consuming. She also talked about the positive changes she is feeling in her hair, nails, and skin.

Perfectil: Do you know about this beauty supplement?

I was happy to know that UK’s number one Vitamin supplement brand Vitabiotics is in India now. The aim of Vitabiotics is to deliver easy and effective nutrition support to compensate for the lack of nutrients in our diet.

What got my attention was the 3-step supplement selector test on their website that gave me the supplement specially designed for me based on my weight and age. Perfectil understands that everybody is unique and so are its nutritional needs as well.

I am using Perfectil by Vitabiotics which enriches the health of hair, nails, and skin with its 22 ingredients including biotin, zinc, and selenium.

For me, health translates to beauty and hence Perfectil serves the purpose. The good thing is that Perfectil is free from artificial colours, preservatives, lactose, yeast, or gelatin and is not tested on animals. Perfectil is the only clinically tested brand that takes care of healthy maintenance of skin, hair & nails.

Perfectil is a boon to my oily skin care routine and I am looking forward to healthy skin, strong nails and lustrous hair in the following months. Are you joining me in #HealthyLivingWithVitabiotics? Let me know in the comments below!


1. https://www.webmd.com/beauty/the-effects-of-stress-on-your-skin

2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6766865/


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  1. Yash Kumar says:

    Even I have oily skin. As the day goes my skin gets greasy and makes me look dull. I must come up with a skincare routine too.


  2. Sahil kumar says:

    Thank you for this insightful article. I have heard of the Perfectil supplement but never got to try it. Now I am considering to buy them.


  3. Divya Sharma says:

    Suggestions for oily skin were nice.


  4. Disha Sharma says:

    Perfectil seems like the elixir, made by mankind – since it is so good.


  5. Nancy Sharma says:

    Pollution has made skincare super important.


  6. Rishita says:

    I have never taken skincare seriously. But now I will!


  7. Isha Gupta says:

    This is so helpful for my oily skin.


  8. Abhishek says:

    Very interesting. I will look into Perfectil too.


  9. Gufran khan says:

    Sounds like a great routine, I must try it.


  10. Ishal says:

    Nutritional deficiencies could indeed be impacting the way our skin looks


  11. Ajeet Sharma says:

    Going to try your skin care routine right away!


  12. Daniya says:

    Vitabiotics is surely going to bring innovation in the field of beauty.


  13. Manisha says:

    Perfectil looks promising with triple active formula for skin, hair and nails.


  14. Kanak says:

    These tips are helpful to me as I also have oily skin for most months of the year


  15. Bilal says:

    A very helpful post, I am going to follow your suggestions and also try Perfectil


  16. Samaira says:

    One cant stress enough on the damage pollution can cause to our skin. Matte Sunscreen is a must for me as you mentioned.


  17. Shweta says:

    Never knew toning was this important for oily skin people. Thanks for the tip!


  18. Sony says:

    Great tips here, especially your explanation of how Perfectil can be a good solution to skin woes


  19. Hina says:

    Knowing our skin type is very important in taking proper care of it.


  20. Bilal says:

    Hair is an important aspect of our beauty and good that you mentioned it here.


  21. Absolutely beauty comes from within. And balance nutritional intake plays crucial role for healthy skin. I would love ot try perfectil


  22. MeenalSonal says:

    There is lot of efforts and right choice that goes behind the perfect glowing skin. Usage of natural made sunscreen and following routine do help plus if supplements has to be taken they it can be though I would prefer natural things.


  23. Samata says:

    These days I can see many are talking about this Perfectil and after reading this post I can very well say the product is good and I should try it. Thanks for this


  24. Anjali says:

    When I was struggling with dry, frizzy hair and brittle nails, my doctor advised me to perfectil and indeed, it worked like magic. Glad that you shared it with us.


  25. Ruchie says:

    To keep our skin glowing and healthy, it’s important to follow a good skincare routine and supplements like perfectil is really great choice.


  26. Ladies Corner says:

    I totally agree with your definition of beauty. Right nutrition and health is important . And i have been looking for vitabiotics products,glad they are now available here.


  27. mahekg says:

    I have tried using Perfectil for my combination skin too and it has shown some positive results. My hair and skin quality have shown good results.


  28. CTM is really important skin care not only for oily skin but all skin types. I have a combination skin and I cleanse my T zone more often to clear out dirt. And I swear by using perfectil myself, it is a great supplement


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