Glimpse of India – Kings and Kingdoms of India

Kings and Kingdoms of India

India has been one of the most sought after countries in the world. Fertile Gangetic plains, abundance of minerals, rivers and seas full of pristine water; our country is blessed with nature’s rich diversity. Rulers and invaders from around the world tried to capture the state from time to time. Fierce wars, mutinies to cultural fusion and intellectual exchange, the interaction with the other regions is reflecting in our lives.
History of India is so vast that shortened version will only lead to more curiosity. I’m doing the same. Brace yourself and go on the discovery to know about the Kingdoms who ruled and influenced India in the past 2500 years.

Founded by Chandragupta Maurya, Maurya Empire (322-187 BCE) is the largest political entity known to have existed in India’s history. Under the rule of Ashoka, it was expanded to about 5 million square Km. In the next 1500 years, India was ruled by various Dynasties.

The rule of Gupta dynasty is known to be the Golden age of India because academics, science, religion and political administration reached new heights during this period (319-543 CE).

In the period between the 7th and 11th century, the Tripartite struggle controlled the country that lasted for two centuries.
The struggle was between the Pratihara Empire, the Pala Empire and the Rashtrakuta Empire. From the fifth century, Chalukya, Chola, Pallava, Chera, Pandyan and Western Chalukya empires controlled south India.

Delhi Sultanate was founded in 1206 CE by Central Asian Turks. Based mostly in Delhi, Sultanate covered a large part of India. The empire is famous for being one of the few to defeat Mongols.

Many Hindu states like Vijayanagar, Gajapati, Ahom, Rajput states like Mewar emerged as big powers. The 15th century saw the rise of Sikhism. In the beginning of the 18th century, the Mughal empire suffered a decline which led others like Marathas, Sikhs, Nawabs of Bengal and Mysoreans to come into power.

Late 18th century to middle of 19th century. India was colonised by British East India Company. Dissatisfied with their rules, people of India rebelled against British government in 1857. 20th century beginning witnessed Indians struggling for freedom, blessed with the same on 15th August, 1947.

You might be interested in the chronology of events in Indian history. Hyperlinks have been added to help you satisfy your curiosity.

Kuru dynasty (c. 1200 BCE – 500 BCE)

Magadha dynasties

Ancient southern dynasties

Foreign invaders in north-western India

Satavahana dynasty (c. 271 BCE – 220 CE)

Vakataka Dynasty (c. 250 – c. 500 CE)

Indo-Scythian rulers (c. 90 BCE – 45 CE)

Indo-Parthian rulers (c. 21–100 CE)

Western Kshatrapas (c. 35–405 CE)

Kushana dynasty (80–225)

Nagas of Padmavati (early 3rd century–mid-4th century)

Pallava dynasty (275–882)

Kadambas of Chandravalli at Chitradurga (345–525 CE)

Western Ganga dynasty of Talakad (350–1024 CE)

Rai dynasty (c. 524–632 CE)

Maitrakas of Vallabhi(470–776 CE)

Chahamanas of Shakambhari (6th century – 12th century)

Chalukya dynasty (543–1156)

Shashanka dynasty (600–626)

Harsha dynasty (606–647)

Gurjara-Pratiharadynasty (650–1036 CE)

Rashtrakutas of Manyaketha (735–982)

Pala Empire (c. 750–1174)

Paramara dynasty of Malwa (9th century to c. 1305)

Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri (850–1334 CE)

Chandra dynasty (900-1050)

Hoysala dynasty (1000–1346)

Sena dynasty rule over Bengal (1070–1230 CE)

Eastern Ganga dynasty(1078–1434)

Kakatiya dynasty (1083–1323 CE)

Kalachuris of Kalyani(Southern) dynasty (1130–1184)

Chutiya dynasty ruled over eastern Assam (1187–1524)

Bana dynasty rule over Magadaimandalam (c. 1190–1260 CE)

Delhi Sultanate (1206–1526)

Bahmani dynasty (1347–1527)

Barid Shahi dynasty(1489–1619)

Imad Shahi dynasty(1490–1572)

Adil Shahi dynasty (1490–1686)

Nizam Shahi dynasty(1490–1636)

Qutb Shahi dynasty(1518–1687)

Ahom dynasty ruled over Assam (1228–1826)

Baro-Bhuyan (1576-1632)

Musunuri Nayaks (1323–1368)

Reddy dynasty (1325–1548 CE)

Vijayanagara Empire(1336–1646)

Wodeyar dynasty (first rule, 1371–1761)

Gajapati Kingdom (1434–1541 CE)

Maharajas of Cochin(Perumpadapu Swaroopam, 1503–1964)

Mughal Empire (1526–1857)

Mewar Dynasty

Suri dynasty (1540–1555)

Chogyal, monarchs of Sikkim and Ladakh(1642–1975)

Maratha Empire (1674–1881)

The Muslim vassals of the Mughal/British Paramountcy (1707–1856)

Savanur State

Kingdom of Travancore (1729–1947)

Sikh Empire (1801–1849)

Emperors of India (1857–1947)

Dominion of India (1947–1950)

Dominion of Pakistan(1947–1956)

(Chronology courtesy – Wikipedia)

Kings and Dynasties of India video 👉

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