Importance Of Selecting Good Skin Care Products

Importance Of Selecting Good Skin Care Products

Flawless, glowing skin is everybody’s dream. I’m no different. I want my skin to be perfectly clean, radiant and attractive. My skin care regime lacks consistency and I feel bad for myself. At the end of the day what all I want is quality skin care products to revive my skin.

Why Quality Products?

You can ask me why to use only selected brands when there are so many other options available in the market. Dear readers, I learnt this from my mistakes. Now read this.

What I used to do for clear skin:

1) Drank plenty of water to remove toxins from my body. ✔️

2) Exercised regularly for blood circulation. ✔️

3) Avoided junk food. ✔️

4) Ate healthy, nutritious food. ✔️

5) Tried To Keep My Skin Clean By Using ANY SKIN-CARE PRODUCT AVAILABLE!❌

The last one was a disaster. Substandard products played havoc with my skin and I realised my mistake.

You want to know what ruins your skin? Here you go!

1) Exposure to dirt and pollution

Save yourself from an excess of dirt and pollution. You can’t escape it because in our world you can’t be 100% safe from pollution. Using quality brands for skin care regime is the only hope.

2) Too much of make-up or not removing make-up before sleeping

Make-up puts you in the beautiful mould but you have to follow some tips to avoid its harmful effects. Sleeping with your make-up on can clog your skin pores and hinder skin breathing. Overdoing or not cleansing it properly will leave residues on the skin and can cause irreversible damage.

How to clean face at home

3) Bad eating habits

Eat healthy and at regular intervals. Understand the metabolic clock working tirelessly for you. Don’t skip meals. Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amount of water. Limit your tea and coffee intake. Remember- ‘You are what you eat!’

Healthy eating- Changing your eating habits

4) Disturbed Sleep

Disturbed sleep? You may get dull skin and clogged pores. Blemishes and dark circles will follow. I’m not trying to frighten you but this is what we all gain in the absence of proper sleep schedule. Avoid late night gatherings and try to get recommended 7-8 hours of sleep.

5) Not enough exercise

Exercise increases blood circulation, opens skin pores and enhances happiness level (tested and proved). Insufficient exercise will deprive your skin of natural glow. Exercise to cleanse dead skin cells and enjoy forever glowing skin.

6) Low-quality skin care products:

Last but not least! Bad Skin Care Products can damage your skin completely. We often ignore reading the label and fall for fancy packaging. It is advisable not to compromise on the quality of skin care products you use. Select what is best for your skin. Because ‘Glowing Skin is always in!’:)

You don’t want to miss these new arrivals in skin care products to make your skin look WOW!

Skincare products


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  1. Deboshree says:

    Fabulous post with helpful tips for glowing skin! Loved how you merged two crucial aspects of the skin situation – the right products and the right habits,

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    1. aditi says:

      Exactly! Right products and right habits for flawless skin:)


  2. HappyEasyGo says:

    Hi, Nice Blog !!!!

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