Why (Not)to Define Your Happiness

Everybody deserves to be happy. It is my opinion, I don’t expect yours to be different. Those who are regularly following my blog know how extensively I endorse ‘staying happy‘. It’s not something that’s found only in others’ kitty. Each and every person can be happy and get his share of happiness regardless of whatever condition he is in. You may cry over the sorry state of poor people who don’t get good food to eat and a decent place to live. I claim that even those people have their moments of happiness that could be more effective than a well-off person. Defining happiness becomes a tedious process once you understand the real meaning of the word.
I honestly admire when the rickshaw pullers, after a long day of hard work, cook and sing around the fire. The smile on their faces is adorable. We have great life lessons to learn from such instances. Can we really define happiness? I doubt.

What’s Your Happiness Quotient

Why (Not) to Define Your Happiness
Why (NOT) to Define Your Happiness

It is not guaranteed that a rich person is happier than a poor man. Money can be a source of happiness but we have to save ourselves from many vices it brings along. See, we expect money to bring happiness in our lives and it deprives us of the simple peaceful energy that’s needed to breathe easily. What’s more valuable than easy breathing and peaceful conversation with self?

Defining happiness is becoming more complex now

I think that after acquiring all the amenities in the world, I would be one of the happiest people around but that’s not the case. That means happiness lies somewhere else. I start finding it in my near and dear ones. I lose hope when they leave me for some reason. Hope lost translates to happiness lost. My quest to find the source of happiness doesn’t reach any conclusion. Shall I ever find the real definition of happiness!?

Happiness is a direction, not a place.         -Sydney J. Harris

I stop and ponder. Is it really necessary to confine happiness in a fixed definition? Break free from the shackles of confinement. Don’t. Just don’t define happiness as it can be found in each aspect of our existence. Life is beautiful. Celebrate your moments. Don’t wait to reach a specific goal to be happy. Simplifying the concept of happiness is the ultimate secret of life.

It is Happiness that matters in the end.

Why (Not) to Define Your Happiness
This post is written for Speakeasy Blogging Challenge 2020 by Ruchie & Dipika.

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50 thoughts on “Why (Not)to Define Your Happiness”

  1. Happiness is not in materialistic goods but something which gives your peace. Giving it a definition is surely difficult however like you suggested we cant confine it in words its the feeling which matters and how we take right steps.

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  2. Money can’t buy happiness. This is so true, Aditi. In fact, happiness has become a task to be done these days. Ther are so many blogs promoting ways to happy; something with which we were born once upon a time.

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  3. Happiness cannot be defined within boundaries, the meaning of happiness changes as our lives change. A good read that compels me to think about how I define my happiness!

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  4. Happiness cannot be defined with what we have or what we want. Because our desires, wants will never end. So, what can we do. Lets just celebrate our living and live each day to its fullest..

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  5. Very well said, Aditi. Happiness can’t be defined in just a mere few words, it can be a state of mind, a moment of bliss, or anything but it is different for everyone. Also, I agree it is not a place.

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  6. Happiness can’t be defined, it can’t be measured or stated in terms of material world. The peace within and deep roots are linked to happiness. A lovely post to read and ponder on.

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  7. Very true Aditi, real happiness never resides in materialistic things, unfortunately people do not realize it on time. The secret of happiness is only and only in living moments rather than counting comforts.

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  8. Happiness is an emotion that needs constant efforts and must be felt from within. Life is indeed beautiful, all we have to do is find our share of happiness, for me…books, nature, kids laughter, good food and many such small moments bring happiness 🙂

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  9. True it is not necessary that we need to define a goal or measure in the meter the amount of Happiness. Happiness matters the most.

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  10. Happiness is being content in oneself, showing gratitude to others, loving and caring without expecting anything in return. Well written post!

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  11. This is one of the awesome response to theme and I agree that it is not necessary to define the happiness . many people have a pre conceive notion that money is source of happiness..but it is not true. happiness is not always related to materialist is much more than is more about enjoying small moments of life with our dear ones. very well written post.

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  12. Hi! I have read about happiness quotient in an article but in your post I discovered it in a new way. Yes it’s right, defining happiness is becoming harder day by day but we can define it in our own ways absolutely. Lovely post dear.

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