Yes, Gender Stereotypes Kill Confidence of a Woman

Women and Gender Stereotypes
Women and Gender Stereotypes

Society expects us to behave in a particular manner based on our gender. Certain rules are set and bound to be followed by each gender. I wonder why they didn’t notice until a recent study that these fixed rules are killing the confidence of many people, mostly women. Gender stereotypes are holding back women from accomplishing their best and this is the harsh reality. 

A recent study shows that Gender Stereotypes hold back women from taking up new challenges. Women question their abilities and tend to restrict themselves to the frame society has provided them. When we look at the situation of most women around us, the above statement proves to be true.  

What are Gender Stereotypes?

When children are born, they are expected to perform the role based on their natural gender. Gender Stereotyping is said to be the overgeneralizing of the characters and differences of a group based on gender. We emphasize gender stereotype behaviour in numerous ways.

* Girls are expected to play with dolls and boys with cars. This is the reason why they are given toys based on their gender. See, we start creating differences from the time the child is born.

* Pink is supposed to be a feminine colour and Blue is associated with masculinity. Who started this trend?

* Women have come a long way in trying the outfits that were considered to be for men only. Men, on the other hand, are not given the liberty of hacking women’s wardrobes.

* Crying is exclusively for women who are considered the weaker sex. Men are not supposed to cry because they are strong! Wow, emotions should be in sync with how society thinks and not how you feel.

How Gender Stereotypes Kill Confidence of a Woman

In our homes, men and women do different roles based exclusively on gender. The gender roles make one gender feel hesitant to cook in the kitchen and you know who it is. The fairer sex gets the responsibility of the household including the kitchen. Today, when both men and women work to earn, the age-old tradition of women doing all the household chores makes things difficult. The stereotypes are restricting the path of progress for women.

1. Women shy away from taking up new challenges

Women are repeatedly told to be submissive and quiet as this would make them complete. They shy of taking up several challenges because of society’s unjust expectations from them. Many women can’t nourish their talent because of weird Gender Stereotypes. 

2. Women start doubting their capabilities

Since women are restricted from trying many fields, they start doubting their capabilities. There’s a loss of confidence that hinders the progress of women. You can see how Gender Stereotypes and confidence and interrelated. I think we should stop categorising toys, games for boys and girls, the rest will automatically be sorted.

3. Gender Stereotypes put women in the weaker belt

Women are considered weaker than men and hence not considered suitable for many jobs. Physical differences are understandable but when there’s another disparity like the different payout for the same work, it hurts the confidence of women.

4. Women paid less than their male counterparts

Women are paid less than their male counterparts because they are supposed to bring lesser benefits to a company. It’s a misconception that is here because of the hyped gender stereotypes. All of us are responsible for the he-she gender stereotypes but women themselves are more liable to be blamed.

I agree that men are also affected by gender stereotypes but women are at the ultimate end of receiving repercussions. Women are deprived of freedom, choice of work, choice of dressing up, choice of speaking up, and many other relevant choices that they find good for themselves. They control their craves and intentions to keep society norms intact; sadly the same control squeezes the bubbling confidence out of them.  

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45 thoughts on “Yes, Gender Stereotypes Kill Confidence of a Woman”

  1. Most of us have been conditioned to believe in gender stereotypes. Once we grow up, it becomes tough to let go of these archaic ideas even though we know they’re wrong. It takes an inside-out approach to rid ourselves of such notions.

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  2. We’ve been brought up with the belief in gender stereotypes and yes, it kills our confidence. It becomes so difficult to come out of them. Somewhere or other these stereotypes are hidden inside of our minds for a lifetime.

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  3. Gender stereotypes starts with home right. We raise our kids to believe in these differences that blue is for a boy and pink for a girl. Instead of we start to change the trend at our own home the world moght one day change and women will be more confident and independent than even today.

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  4. I think problem lies in our upbringing. Until I moved to a metro city, I was unaware of all these concepts. This needs to trickle down to smaller towns to create the change. Or else everyone would be at the mercy of geographical location.

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  5. Gender stereotypes are just as you have pointed out. We followed them to a T in our times. But I am glad that now things are changing and girls are breaking the gender bastions with a vengeance.

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  6. As a society, we are changing but there is still a long way to go. Yes women face the brunt and the points you make in your post are all valid. I feel that men have it worse than women in some cases. It is still ok for women to do jobs that were traditionally considered suitable for men or dress up in man’s clothes – at the most she is termed a ‘tom-boy’ but still there is acceptance. Men don’t have that luxury and many live lives that are not even close to what they want to actually do because of the ear of ‘what will others say’.

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  7. It’s sad that today when women are taking up the responsibility to earn the bread as much as men . They are the only ones to be held responsible to run the household and take care of the babies.. Outspoken and opiniated women are still considered a bad imp

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  8. It’s sad that today when women are taking up the responsibility to earn the bread as much as men . They are the only ones to be held responsible to run the household and take care of the babies.. Outspoken and opiniated women are still considered a bad impression

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  9. The way i see it…things are changing for the better, however slow that change maybe…it is on a mothers shoulder this reaponsibility lies, to make their sons and daughters equal. We have suceeded in making our daughters progress, now we need to ensure our sons are progressive to deserve these wonderful women…

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  10. I have been lucky enough to be born into a family where the women were ahead of their times. Particularly my grandmothers. But it is not that I have not had to tackle the stereotypes. It is all the social conditioning, and women dare break the mould. Even now, when we should be progressing.

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  11. What you have written is very true. In our times, majority of the families had these rules. We were brought up where there was control but never gender stereotyping. Times should have changed I have seen but they haven’t.

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  12. What a brilliant post ! Yes gender stereotype kills woman confidence – be it office, home or any other field where they are performing better yet their contribution often goes unrecognized.

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  13. On point! Gender stereotype has been a major reason for lack of confidence and self-esteem in women. Things are changing a little bit because women have started voicing out, but we still have a long way to go I belive

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  14. Such a lovely post and I agree totally with u. We knowingly or unknowingly are involved in gener stereotypes in one way or the other and we should stop doing it. Pink for girls and blue for buys. We should not do that.

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  15. We have come a long way, but still unknowingly there are many actions that differentiate the gender. I agree with this post and encourage such posts to be written and read more and more to reinforce this notion.

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  16. Absolutely! I agree with what you have to say. but I feel it affects the men’s as well in a few cases. but yes! we women has to deal with it more.

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