Get these Designer Bridal Lehengas to make your wedding day memorable!

Marriages are made in heaven and we celebrate these occasions with joy and grandeur. Wedding day is one of the most memorable days in our lives. All eyes are set on the stunning bride and groom who are the centre of attraction for the day. This makes it important to select the wedding dresses smartly. Girls, especially Indian girls like to flaunt a designer bridal lehenga on their wedding day. The dress resembles a western wedding gown and is comfortable to wear, probably the reason for the heavy wedding sarees being fast replaced by these trendy lehengas. Today, we are going to talk about the most preferred wedding dress of the bride – a designer bridal lehenga.

Gone are the days when only celebrities could afford magnificent designer lehengas. Today, girls dream of wearing a designer bridal lehenga in their marriage, months before the wedding day. Everything is planned according to the bride’s beautiful lehenga. The ambience, the costumes of parents, siblings, and close friends and most of the time, the groom’s wedding outfit is matched with the bride’s designer lehenga. Are you finding it difficult to get bridal lehenga from your favourite designer? Fret not, you are covered as a variety of glamorous designer bridal lehengas are available at Aza Fashions. Have a look at the amazing collection of Designer Bridal Lehengas at Aza Fashions!

Why Should You Buy a Designer Bridal Lehenga

Designer bridal lehengas are the trending fashion in today’s world. Every bride feels that she should look like a princess on her special day. The gorgeous designer lehengas are a bit expensive but worth the value. Nevertheless, the exhaustive range of bridal lehengas in the market persuades the brides to adorn the best lehenga on their wedding day. The picture clicking on the occasion for the marriage album and the social media sharing is another reason brides prefer designer bridal lehengas.

Designer Lehengas every bride wants to adorn

I’m sharing some of my favourite fashion designers whose work I appreciate. Their dresses are flaunted by celebrities, especially Bollywood actors and are admired by all. Marriage is a great opportunity to splurge on the elegant lehengas by these famous designers.

1. Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani is a renowned personality in the world of fashion. He gives a contemporary touch to the ethnic wear, lovingly known as the lehenga. In bridal fashion, Tarun Tahiliani has been ruling for more than a decade now. His light-weight yet heavy-looking bridal lehengas are famous all over the world. You must have seen your favourite celebrities adorning the gorgeous bridal lehengas by Tarun Tahiliani.

Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Lehenga
Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Lehenga

2. Seema Gujral

When it comes to intricate details and artistic manifestation, Seema Gujral has mastered all and won hearts with her creations. She gives impressive modern dimension to the traditional bridal lehengas. The couture has its own fanbase, that’s gaining prominence with each day.

Seema Gujral Bridal Lehenga
Seema Gujral Bridal Lehenga

3. Anita Dongre

Herself being from Rajasthan, most of Anita Dongre’s designs are inspired by the Rajasthani culture. She’s one of the top Indian fashion designers who needs no introduction. The handcrafted ensembles with dramatic embellishments exude enchantment. Go for the Bridal lehenga by Anita Dongre for that perfect look.

Anita Dongre Bridal Lehenga
Anita Dongre Bridal Lehenga

4. Varun Bahl

Varun Bahl’s love for intricate designs and exotic motifs makes his work stand out from the rest. His bridal lehengas use red and fuchsia liberally for the apt bridal aura. All of this makes each lehenga special enough to make your wedding day memorable.

Varun Bahl Bridal Lehenga
Varun Bahl Bridal Lehenga

5. Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is a household name because of the wonderful costumes he designs for Bollywood actors. Wearing a Manish Malhotra bridal lehenga is every bride’s dream. A bit on the higher side of the price chart, Manish Malhotra bridal lehengas are bold and glamorous with traditional work done in his signature style.

All these stunning lehengas and many more are available for sale at Aza Fashions. I like the website for its vast designer clothes collection. Bookmark the Aza Fashions website as it completes all the requirements of your special day celebrations.

Girls! Wedding day comes only once in your life. A designer bridal lehenga can change your day, memories, Instagram feed and people’s response to the event. If you ask for my opinion, there’s nothing like dressing yourself up in one of these exquisite lehengas on your unforgettable day!


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