Bring Mandala art Home For Peace And Harmony

I’m particularly attracted to the Mandala art prints and paintings. The creations with Mandala art seem to secrete calmness and symmetry. When I look around myself, many things contain beautiful mandalas as paintings, prints or any other form. The latest addition to my Mandala love is a beautiful off-white Mandala Dohar from WorldOfEk by Ektaa R. Kapoor. In fact, the entire EK range is designed to bring peace and calmness to our homes. You will find that at EK by Ektaa R. Kapoor, the materials like pure cotton, brass, copper, mango wood are used extensively in creating things for homes. These things are deeply rooted in Indian culture and known to have a soothing effect on us.

Mandala Dohar by EK
Mandala Dohar

Importance of Mandala art

The word Mandala comes from the ancient language Sanskrit which means a circle or the center. A Mandala is drawn by starting from the center and elaborating it in a circular path with beautiful designs and patterns that are interconnected. It symbolises the truth of the Universe and its wholeness with the various living things present in it. Most cultures consider Mandala as the spiritual symbol of our existence.
Apart from their spiritual connection, Mandalas are good for our homes for various other reasons.

1. The Mandala design displays a symbolic picture of Universal harmony. It brings positivity and a harmonious atmosphere to the home.

2. These art forms containing Mandalas bestow a soothing feeling. They look good and make others happy, due to the symmetrical form of their structure.

3. It is a belief that Mandala designs enhance the happiness quotient of the place where they are exhibited. Going by the above factors, I simply can not reject this claim.

WorldOfEk by Ekta R. Kapoor
WorldOfEk by Ekta R. Kapoor

About EK by Ektaa R. Kapoor

EK by Ektaa is a good effort to bring India to our homes. Various handcrafted things on display at EK are made from pure cotton, brass, copper etc that enhance the feeling of being an Indian. What I like about the endeavour is that:

1. The products at EK have been procured directly from the artisans or they are hired wherever required.

2. The authenticity reflects in the products as there are no intermediate diversions. EK shopping is like purchasing goods directly from the original craftsmen.

3. EK by Ekta R. Kapoor promotes Indian craftsmanship to the best. The craftsperson gets his dues and more importantly, the recognition.

4. You can find Mandala art pattern in many artefacts available at EK by Ektaa R. Kapoor. The basic idea of EK is to bring harmony to home with the things we purchase. Mandala pattern in the artefacts satisfies that belief.

In the modern world, stress and anxiety are the common household intruders. People have become conscious of how to reduce these negative emotions and bring positivity in lives. By bringing the things that are dear to Earth and the environment, we can improve peace and harmony at our place. EK by Ektaa is a commendable step in attaining that level of composure.

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