Glimpse of India – United We Rock

United We Rock

I’m trying to connect with the citizens of my country as well as the world through my ‘Glimpse of India’ posts. India, as all of you know, is a vast country with 130 crore people living here. Indian people 🇮🇳

United we rock

Diversity is the flavour of India. Colours of contrasting landforms, cultures, religions merge together and give rise to a vibrant fusion. People from North India are completely different from their country folks from South India, yet they display certain characteristics that are unique enough for all of us to be known as Indian:)

Unity in diversity

Unity in diversity

My dear fellow Indians! We speak different languages yet known as Indians. We celebrate diverse festivals, still united by the title ‘Indian’. We follow distinct religions however the exclusive qualities of ‘being Indian’ are the same in all of us. Food habits in one part of the country are a complete contrast with the rest of India.
In spite of all the inequalities we flaunt as our country’s flavours, WE ARE INDIANS.

When adversity strikes the country, we fight it together. We display our power of unity to frighten the enemies of the nation. It’s the magic of ‘WE’ that stands tall above all.

There are times when some religious or politically-motivated people try to dampen the spirit of integration for their own profit. It is not in favour of any of the countrymen to get distracted by these troublemakers. Stay united because it’s the togetherness that makes us complete.

Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India wrote in his book, The Discovery of India (1946),
“Though outwardly there was diversity and infinite variety among our people, everywhere there was that tremendous impress of oneness, which had held all of us together for ages past, whatever political fate or misfortune had befallen us.”

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  1. Right from the heart.. United we stand. The old mile sur is my fav.

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    1. Sivaranjini Anandan says:

      Unity in diversity our India for us😀


  2. Sonia Chatterjee says:

    How I wish people understood that it is our diversity that unites us instead of spreading hate for political propaganda. Beautiful piece again.

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    1. shravmusings says:

      Reminded me of the famous song Mile Sur mera tumhara

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  3. Jyotirmoy Sarkar says:

    Politics have played a vital role creating hatred and fighting with each other on different issues.
    I cant explain how much i love this song.

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  4. Priyanka Nair says:

    Wonderful post Aditi, such a beautiful message and thanks for sharing the song Mile sur, reminded me of good old days 🙂 bohat time bad suna aaj

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  5. vidhya29 says:

    Yeess! and I am proud to be an Indian. I loved the song! heard it for the very first time!

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  6. Yes! Our culture & diversity are passing unity to generations and we are glad for that.

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  7. Deboshree says:

    Awesome post! Loved the spirit of unity you brought out in your post. Also enjoyed listening to that song after a long time – one of my favourites 🙂

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  8. Nandhini Chandrasekaran says:

    Wow! You’ve stirred the emotions of an Indian! Wonderful post.

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